Monday, January 19, 2015

Being Expansive

2 Things. 

The first was something that occurred to me when I was trying to manage pain I couldn't handle. Normally/Lately when I experience pain I try to spiritually bring Peace to it through energy and calling upon God and other Beings from Heaven. But then the other day while wallowing on the couch in agony, I came upon another realization: God is GREATER than this Pain. God's Peace is Greater, God's Love is Greater, and GOD is Greater. Once I really started connecting to this concept in person I began feeling stronger and more powerful in a situation I otherwise felt helpless in. It made me feel like I could overcome anything. 

The second is something I experienced today. It was something similar to Space/Breathing. It felt like a weight had been lifted and I was able to expand into a space the size of a small pool. I also felt spiritually connected in this space like I could DO anything in this space. 

This feeling only lasted a couple of hours but in that time I felt like I was in control and there was nothing I couldn't do. It also felt like this space had been there the whole time I just hadn't tapped into it. 

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