Friday, May 5, 2017

World Issues Surmounting + Dreams

Doreen Virtue drew this card yesterday: 

Seemed appropriate. Everything's ramping up again as it once was and even my dreams have been giving response to it all. 

It feels like it's been about a year since things started in with the pattern of LGBTQ under attack one week and black people another week and natural disasters the following. This week's been a little bit of everything all surmounting. 

These "birthing pains" and contractions are kicking in again. Not to the same extent as before where you had mass shootings every single time -sometimes multiple times a day -even though we've had a spring of those as well (Sand Diego and 2 universities in Texas). 

After feeling sick over it all for a couple of hours I finally felt alleviated when I handed it all over to God and got the sense that it was being worked on and everything would be ok. 

But let's go down the list just so it can be tracked and marked -like a notch you put in a tree to demarcate the trail you're on: 

#1 Racism and Violence Against Black People

-Racism against Adam Jones

-Ignorance towards the Civil War:

-The shooting of a 15 year old, unarmed boy:

-Walter Scott Shooting and the acknowledgement that the police officer responsible framed the scene and lied:

-Alton Sterling Shooting (yes I acknowledge his past and the fact he committed crimes -but it doesn't change the fact that his death was a crime itself): 

-Officer attacking black high school students:

-Cinco de Mayo (You knew it was going to be impossible to make it through this day without racism...) 

#2 The Hatred and Oppression of LGBTQ+: 

-Chechnya's Abuses/Concentration Camps

-The passing of a law that specifically allows for discrimination against LGBTQ+ people in the name of "religion": 

-The passing of new laws in the US spreading to deny LGBTQ+ rights and businesses turning people away: 

#3 Victims of Sexual Assault and Rape being abandoned and unsupported by institutions that should protect them: 

-Trumpcare considers sexual assualt/rape pre-existing conditions:

-Still ongoing issues with colleges failing rape victims: 

-An 81 year old woman and her 62 year old friend were attacked while walking a jogging track near a high school. The 81 year old woman was sexually assaulted and murdered. 

#4 The Rise of Dictatorships: 

This is a growing list. We already had North Korea and other places established. The Dutarte from the Phillipines started executing thousands of people in genocide. Then Putin started "possibly" killing off journalist that spoke against him and many Russians have been arrested marching in opposition to his reign. 

What's new is Turkey officially being shifted into a totalitarian dictatorship. And Brazil is headed in that direction along with Venezuela. 

Venezuelans who are marching against this issue are being harmed and killed in great number:

This is also representative of what's happening in Turkey with thousands of people being detained, tortured, and killed. 

There's also extensive amounts of other issues going on simultaneously with famine, war, and environmental issues. 

But God has been coming through in dreams to try and bring solace and understanding. 

Dream 5/04/17: 

There were several parts to this dream. The first was a long list of what I might call "commandments" or guiding statements listed in a row. "Do unto children as you would explain unto them..." Which I think means speak calmly, patiently, and kindly to not just children but those who do not understand in general. 

The second part of my dream was about (mostly) innocent people being arrested and charged with crimes. The jail would print newspapers smearing the persons name and accusing them of crimes and it was published before each person was then released -making it next to impossible for the media and other people to see them as potentially innocent in spite of many of them being not guilty. There was a gay man in particular who was subjected to abuse and was deeply painted as a criminal even though he hadn't done anything. 

The last part of my dream was in response to something I had seen the day before:

There was a wounded orca whale that people had spotted and thought would die because he was missing a flipper and fin. But 4 years later he showed up again -his pod and family had looked after him and the there whales would help bring him food. When I saw it, it just felt like God was looking after the whale by inspiring members of its own species to look after him. 

In my dream there were children flying a flock of geese above me and it looked like fun. Then I saw that one of the geese had no wings because they'd been taken and he'd been wounded. And yet the geese flew with the child on its back. I wanted to join so I hopped on a geese as well and they all flew- evading the oncoming sunset by flying away from it towards the light that remained. 

This basically represented animals being protected by angelic/light beings and evading death -the sunset - because they stuck together in flocks. 

Dream 5/5/17

This dream seemed simple and straight forward but there were subtle pieces speaking to more things. 

I was at some sort of gathering and my cousin Hana -who was adopted from Ethiopia by my uncle and aunt -was standing there as a teenager. Hana was wearing a gown from 18th century Europe -the big poofy kind that duchesses wore. At first I didn't realize why she was wearing that but it implies 2 things: 

#1 Hana is now in a place of affluence -as it was in Europe if you were among nobles. 

#2 Hana's original cultural heritage from Ethiopia has been replaced by American clothing/culture. And it's pretty true for countries outside the U.S. where people wear American-style clothes (t-shirt and jeans) instead of clothes unique to their culture. 

Hana was standing by 3 or 4 girls from Africa. They were under 12 years old and I could tell one girl was about 8 and another was more like 11. Hana was doing some sort of PSA that was being recorded. Each of the girls recounted their experience of being sexually abused. One girl was 4 when a man kidnapped her and took her into his home. Another girl was abused for a couple years before she managed to escape. And yet ALL of the girls seemed at peace with their past and in a state of empowerment. They seemed to have overcome what they had gone through. 

I felt in the dream like God had come through and healed them in some way and even at an age as young as 8 they could be reinstated back to the peace and grace of their souls. That God is doing work here on earth and through people to bring peace to children and young girls in particular in situations that seem beyond hope. 

I think the last thing I realized from the dream is when I heard each of their stories I actually had a physical reaction. I grabbed my stomach, I felt sick, and I was crying because I was so upset about what happened to them. And yet I woke up feeling like everything was ok and that being destroyed over things people were healed from only made things worse. 

Pain binds us to physicality, finite mentality, and limited perspective. It makes us feel like a victim and like we're helpless. It makes us feel trapped and stuck -like there's nothing to focus on but this. 

But when you move beyond that state of being you find a kind of knowing that resides in peace, a greater line of sight, and the future beyond the present circumstances. Pain and fear always limit us -even if they feel justified in the moment. 

It's better to have faith in the things beyond it so we can over come it. 

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