Monday, May 15, 2017

Why Blue

Good news, I finally figured out why the color blue kept coming up -and even rainbows to a good extent. 

Was passing by a hallway on my way to the bathroom at a spiritual center and passed by a series of artwork someone made involving the chakras. 2 pieces stood out in particular: 

*Art by Diane Wright

The blue really stood out to me and I was drawn to them the most. But wasn't sure which chakras they were. I knew one was Throat/Speak Truth chakra -but not the other one. 

So today I looked into it and discovered some things. 

#1 Here are the chakras and another chart someone did one spiritual growth:

#2 Throat Chakra = Turquoise and Third Eye = Indigo (which explains why the color blue keeps coming up for me since I tend to hail in these 2 chakras in general). 

#3 I was being shown the rainbow over and over and drawn to it to make me focus on CHAKRAS which are known for culminating in a rainbow. Rainbow = Pay attention to your chakras. 

#4 My favorite colors have always been Blue, Purple, and Green -in that order, which kind of speaks to where I'm at spiritually. 

-Spiritual perception and vision = Most Resonating 
-Divine Connection to Peace and Heaven = Second Resonating 
-Experiencing Love and Compassion = Third Resonating 

My original interpretation of the colors had more to do with emotions or essence. 

Blue  = Calm, tranquil, relaxed, deep, mysterious 
Purple = Elegance and Artistry 
Green = Love of Nature 

For me White -my 4th favorite color -represented Spirit and Innocence 

And Black -my 5th favorite color -had more to do with all the colors coming together as one 

But as it turns out the colors have a lot to do with chakras and which ones you tend to connect to the most. 

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