Monday, May 1, 2017

Tracking To-Get List

Several years ago I tried out "The Secret" and made a clear list of the things that I wanted. By the end of the year I had obtained 80-90% of everything on the list (without having to buy most of them). 

About 1 year ago I wished for a 16gb mp3 player and was gifted one by a friend about a month later. 

Yesterday I went to church and the woman visiting who gave the sermon talked about achieving abundance in life. She said: Giving to Causes that Support + Inspire Spirituality, Forgiving Frequently, and Being Specific With What You Want are the keys to unlocking the abundance of Heaven. 

For me it's mostly about Giving -not just financially but also giving time and service to good causes in a heart-felt way. Doing this humbles and diminishes ego and paves the way for soul to come through -which in turn opens you up to Receiving. 

So I've been working on giving -with daily opportunities that present themselves in one form or another. Yesterday I donated $6 to the church in tithing. Unfortunately my bank accounts running low, so I'm just going to take the time today to clearly list out my "to-get list" for this year: 

-Enough money so I can pay off some of my debts, put funds towards creating artistic books, and no longer have to worry about money

-New job that I love and am passionate about that allows me to breathe and be creative while giving in a meaningful way 

-A new apartment that has all my needs for an apartment met -including cost 

-Dresser, Desk, Table, Couch and other basic furniture for my apartment (either from Goodwill or Ikea and preferably black or white in color) 

-Tableware and plates (left my old ones in my last apartment for my sister to inherit form me) 

-16gb MP3 player (the one my friend gave doesn't work very well) 

-New clothes 

-New glasses 

-A small vacuum cleaner (like the one I got from Target)

I find that God is most swift with requests that have to do with the intangible. Like when I asked to be more greatly instilled with a sense of innocence. It clicked about 2 days later. Tapping into innocence has to do with spiritually LISTENING. Like children listen to stories, you listen in an open way that drowns out ego and internal noise. 

So lately I've been asking for things like greater resilience in overcoming fear, more self-confidence, and better intuitive clarity. 

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