Thursday, May 18, 2017

Too Many Blogs 1 -Spiritual: Philosophy

Thank God I'm organized. I've got 4 pages worth of blog prompts and no desire to write them out. 

One day many years from now I'm going to get snowed in randomly for 3 months and feel an over-whelming urge to write day and night until everything is typed up. 

I have NEW categories for my blogs. And this in addiction to the other 4 to 5 pages of previous blog prompts I gave up on writing when I started a new blog-idea Word document. 

I hate typing my thoughts, it's so much easier to think them, pat myself on the back, and jot down 2 sentences worth of what was just covered in summary. 

So to crack down on some of these; I'm just going to write out 7 simpler/shorter thoughts that have accrued in the category now titled "Spiritual: Philosophy". 

#1 Thought sin Christ + Mary 

This thought occurred to me while waking up one morning about a week ago. It was around Mother's Day, so maybe that's why it came up since it kind of bothered me that Mary is never fully acknowledged on this day as I feel she should be. Praise to Doreen Virtue for stepping in:

Anyway, the thought that occurred to me was: Mary as a soul came from God/Christ and Christ was within Mary physically. 

In other words: "Mary was of Christ and Christ was of Mary". 
I just thought it was a beautiful and kind of remarkable sort of symmetry. 

#2 "Every day is an opportunity for kindness waiting to happen." 
Was at the grocery store with my dad and there was a woman behind us with only 2 items and we had a whole cart full. My dad didn't see her but the woman was wandering from aisle to aisle looking for the quickest check-out option. I tapped my dad and said, "We should let her through." My dad's always been polite to strangers so he immediately saw and KNEW. He said, "Of course! Please come in front of us, no problem!" 

It's weird to say that moment felt "fated" but it did. It occurred to me: Maybe every day has opportunities for kindness hidden throughout that we're meant to find and breathe life to.  

#3 Life about Self v. Life with God 
I keep getting led back to the understanding that Greed, Egotistical Selfishness, and Apathy towards others is the deepest, inter-related problem we have to contend with on this planet. It's the root of just about any kind of pain or world issue you can name. 

And when people get absorbed with SELF alone they shrink within themselves, their line of sight becomes blinded, and they end up suffering and lashing out at other people. But when people take in God, faith, understanding, patience, and peace they are extended within themselves and beyond themselves. It's the difference between existing in a cubicle verses the great expanse of nature. 

Life about self = Soap Opera Drama. Life with God = Amazing

#4 Each Person is Sacred 
This thought hit me -not just in concept but I felt and understood it within. That I should look at each person as a lighted soul within. A sacred being. A statue of Christ. A Temple of worship. That the outer and internal negativity people degrade themselves to would not cover the eternal. Especially if people are being mean/uncaring towards you. 

#5 Positive, Spiritual Groups
Was drawn again to a spiritual, mostly-women's group. And I though, "WHY do I keep getting drawn to women's groups and spiritual groups? I don't like groups that much..." 

And it occurred to me: When I'm in those kinds of groups I receive positive, spiritual influence of others and that contributes to what I'll call spiritual protection and support. It's almost a spiritual necessity to meet up in groups like that -they build up and contribute to your soul and its connection to God the way a cell tower helps phones get a better signal. 

#6 Healing + Prayer Over Wounded Places 
I've talked about this before, but one day it would be great if groups of people could hold "marches" where they went to places of wounding (like the South where slavery was enacted) and pray over the massacres, the mass shootings, the torture, the lynchings, the wars fought, the children buried, the death camps, the concentration camps, the internment camps, the lands of mass genocide... Everywhere pain had been inflicted in the past and in the present and bring these places healing through prayer and candle light vigils. 

#7 Journey to Love 
They say the journey to really discovering love begins with loving yourself. But in reality, the journey doesn't usually play out that way. 
-The first kind of love you come to know is family + friends. 
-Then romantic partners or romantic interests
-Then Self at some point 
-Then for a lot of people they discover love of God
-Then lastly -and it is almost always lastly -people discover a love for the world and everyone in it  

For me the order was: God, Family + Friends, Self, World, Romantic Interests... but that's because I'm weird and my life has never been normal. :) 

Ultimately you realize it all comes fro God and is a part of God in varying ways so ultimately it all goes back up and beyond into the everything that is God. 

#8 A phrase that came to mind 

"Love. What there is to fight for.

Pain. The fight itself. 

Soul. The liberation of overcoming everything, returning to everything, and becoming everything." 

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