Friday, May 19, 2017

My Own Flag

May 17th was a day set aside for recognizing abuses against LGBT members the world over. And for the first time ever, somebody posted the Bisexual flag and I'd never seen ti before -and neither had they:

And as a color-oriented artist, this got me thinking: Why those colors? What does it mean? 

And the Asexual flag is:

Especially since I'm A+Bi-Sexual (working my way through the alphabet apparently), I kind of decided to make a flag of my own. 

So I started with the color white -which for me is the absence of lust/sexual desire/sexual attraction which represents my asexuality. 

Then I went to put the color pink and blue in there to represent my attraction to men and women and decided -that's not really what it is. You're never really straight AND gay -you're always simultaneously both. When you're attracted to a man the ability to be attracted to women doesn't exactly go away and stop existing. It's never men or women -it's always both. It's an attraction to both. So I combined the colors pink/purple and blue and got Indigo -which is neither blue nor purple and Always both. A hybrid. 

I then put in symbols for man and woman and the upside down pyramid and spade which are affiliated with asexuality. 


I don't know why more flags don't incorporate symbols instead of just colors. 

Anyways, I feel better having my own flag -I think everyone should feel free to make their own. Even straight people. Your attraction and orientation are unique to you. It's not some generic template, there are inevitably going to be things you;re drawn to that others aren't. 

For me, attraction all comes down to soul. I don't care about the packaging, I'm drawn to qualities both men and women carry within them -like caring, honesty, empathy, and divinity. 

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