Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Dreams + Angel Cards: April -May 2017

LOTS of ground to cover. I've had dreams just about every night, sometimes several a night, and they've gotten more and more vivid and clear. It seems like Heaven's opening up its doors and I'm perceiving and understanding messages from Heaven more than ever. 

I'll start with interesting experiences: 

Spiritual Experience #1: Like many people my step-mom was not raised with animals and kind of has this attitude towards them sometimes like, "If it were up to me you'd be shipped to some other country so I never had to worry about you again..." Which sucks because I love animals in general, especially the 2 dogs and cat my dad has. 

Then I came across this quote which rang very true to me that said, "Until someone has loved an animal a part of their soul remains unawakened."  

That same day I saw my step-mom watching Oprah and she said that the episode was on spiritual connection to animals and that animals enhance our ability to connect spiritually and are an essential part of being human. Then I shared my quote with her. It was like God found a way to bring peace to the situation. 

Spiritual Experience #2: The word Iris kept popping up, 3 times in one day. Still not sure what it meant -maybe "the eye" which is the symbol that denotes God for me. 

Spiritual Experience #3: Went to church and they spoke about David and Goliath and how David was led to know how to conquer a seemingly impossible situation because God was leading him -not ego. Then over the next week symbols and images of David and Goliath kept popping up randomly on Facebook and Pinterest out of nowhere: 

Spiritual Experience #4: Found a trapped bunny outside that was smaller than most I've seen out in Colorado. When my dad and I freed him he wasn't moving much and seemed exhausted. He was so lethargic and tired he didn't even care or move when I pet him. 

The next day my dad told me he found the bunny dead under the porch. I prayed for the bunny to be risen to Heaven, but couldn't understand why we were clearly meant to free the bunny and help it but then it ultimately ended up dying. Why??? Then the day after that, a snow storm came out of nowhere and I knew the bunny would not have survived it in his condition. He seemed to weary and weak. So if he was going to die in the cold via the storm, maybe it was a kind of grace that he died the day before it in peace under the porch.

Doreen Card April 2017: Probably the best theme for struggles this month. I felt drawn to watch Pride + Prejudice and Becoming Jane as well as some other movies about women that were clearly intended for creative work that felt pressured to conform to what other people told them to do. It makes being different seemed burdensome. So this card by Doreen was pretty on-point: 

Me Cards 5-2-17: These are the cards I drew today. I really get the sense that God is going to open a clear pathway (stairway) to greater things for me soon. Also it's spring time and I've been enjoying the weather: Both the sunshine and the random snow. 
Then I also got 2 cards from different decks that said, "Daydream". So apparently i'm right on track with that because sometimes I do wonder/worry that I daydream too often and it distracts from life rather than adding to it. 

Dream 4/02/17: 
Had a dream I was in a video game that seemed kind of like a jungle and I came across Ian Somerhalder. He's been coming up a lot lately, I assume because he does do work helping the environment. Anyway, I ran into him in this video game and we were going from bunker to bunker getting supplies and trying to help different kinds of wild animals. Then we saw a dog being tortured by a group of people and started trying to figure out a way to set it free. There was also some sort of non-profit involved. 

Dream 4/04/17: Dreamt I was with my dad and my sister somewhere and there was some sort of bomb going off. Lots of people were panicking and didn't know what was going on. I was worried and wondered if I was going to die but my dad turned to me and said, "Even if you die, we'll ultimately be fine." He said it so casually and it was clear he was implying that spiritually we'd be taken care of as if death were something insignificant to worry over. Then there was a fire heading towards us but by the time it reached us my 2 aunts grabbed a fire house and put it out as if it was nothing. We ultimately had no reason to fear. 

Dream 4/05/17: Dreamt there were lots of people around and I was trying to show them how God and divinity could come through with singing. 

Dream 4/06/17: Dreamt I was trying to appease the Republican party by changing into the bodies of other Republican people they were more favorable towards and recognized. But no one liked it and everyone kept complaining about everything. Like even if you tried to adopt the Republican beliefs and mentality they'd still be alienated from you for some reason. Then I saw them go onto a pirate ship and try to recruit people to join their crew. 

Dream 4/07/17: Dreamt I was outside under a huge tree and this older woman came over to me and said she was psychic and had some messages to give me. She told me very clearly about past lives and that no harm would come to me in this one as it had before so I didn't need to be fearful. She said I was mostly struggling with people who had caused me pains in my past lives and were present in this one. She said I am meant to make peace with them int his life. 

Dream 4/08/17: Dreamt that if money didn't exist there would still be doctors and teachers doing what they do because they are passionate about helping people. 

Dream 4/09/17: Had a longggg dream about being in a historical mansion with my dad and sister and running into an old woman I soon realized was a ghost. I saw her plainly and she said she was looking for her husband. So my sister and I went looking for her husband -who was also a ghost -and helped him reunite with his wife. They then crossed over together. Then my dad said, "Ok time to go" -not seeing what we were doing. In the car as we left I got the impression that I was meant to be there and I was meant ot help them cross over. 

Dream 4/10/17: Dreamt that my sister and I found a baby raccoon and took it in to look after it. We both love animals and definitely seem to be called to look after them. 

Dream 4/13/17: Celebrities popping into dreams seems to be increasing. Mostly celebrities that champion environmentalism though. Had a dream that I already knew Jason Mraz and he introduced me to Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonathan Scott from the Property Brothers. I didn't seem to care much about meeting them and was focused on meeting other people that I felt I was meant to be friends with. 

Then I wandered around and came across some items for sale. I saw 2 Christmas ornaments that had baby pictures of me in them for sale. One had a zebra stripe design around an egg with my picture popping up in the egg ornament. The other was an Easter egg that had my baby picture in it. Since it was the week of Easter I think this kind of denoted that I've been a  spiritual/Christian person from birth. 

Dream 4/18/17: Dreamt that each country had a spiritual essence and a cultural impression upon people in a positive way. California basically represented Creativity and color. Mexico represented Affluence and Abundance (which is hard for most people to recognize because there are issues of poverty going on, but it is a culturally rich place that is very devout to God). And Egypt represented an ancient kind of divinity/energy. 

Then the dream shifted into being about Egypt having something to do with aliens being hidden within and the government knowing and trying to cover it up. 

Dream 4/20/17: Had a long dream about traveling between positive Heavenly "worlds" or realms and darker, negative ones. There was an "Alice in Wonderland" sort of house I walked through that was made out of wooden puzzle pieces fit together. Then in the darker worlds I traveled through there was a foreboding lake that had goblins around it and creatures like Frankenstein's monster. Went into the darker worlds to save dogs from being abused. Managed to lead 3 dogs out by being very stealthy at night and took them back to the positive worlds. 

Dream 4/22/17: Had a sort of confusing dream that was very involved. Was with a large group of people sort of protesting/staying at the border between the U.S. and Mexico. They were taking people in that crossed over and were creating sanctuary towns for them to stay in. I received a book of strange hieroglyphics that needed to be translated and one of the people from Mexico helped decipher what it said. 

Dream 4/23/17: Had a dream that Silicon Valley was under siege by white nationalist "alt-right" neo-Nazis. They grabbed guns and started taking hostages -kind of like ISIS coming through a town in the Middle East. 

They took 5 people onto a stage in front of everyone: A woman, a gay man, a Jewish man, a man who was an immigrant from India, and an older man -all of whom worked at computer/tech companies. The men holding them hostage at gunpoint said, "These people must be destroyed for their globalist beliefs!" They then proceeded to take weapons and cut off the hands of each person in front of everyone and on video (one of their members was recording everything). 

Dream 4/25/17: I dreamt I went through my blog online and relabeled everything to be clarify what each blog post was about -which is something I've debated doing because it's hard to sift through and find past blogs about certain topics because the titles don't necessarily convey what the blogs contain all the time. 

Then I had a dream there was huge demand for my coloring books/dragon books and that I made a lot of money selling them and had trouble keeping up with the volume of requests. 

Dream 4/28/17: Had a dream that I was wandering around collecting different colored boxes -each of which contained different kinds of spiritual items. I then took the boxes and put them within myself by handing them spiritually to my soul. It seemed like I had collected 90% of all the total boxes I was meant to collect but there were still one or two I needed to find and give to soul before it could reach a kind of "fruition". 

Dream 4/28/17: Dreamt I came across a seal with a hurt tail and I tried to pray over it and have it be healed but was told spiritually that I could not fix it with spirituality alone. This frustrated me because I wanted it to be healed but also didn't know how to fix it physically and so couldn't do much for it. 

I then dreamt people started acting strange -sort of demented like zombies. They started getting violent towards other people and insane. So as I was walking down the street getting concerned trying to avoid people someone reached out to be and handed me a bunch of change. I then saw a bus and got on the bus which I paid for with the coins. The people on the bus were nice and I felt protected and it seemed like the bus would take me wherever I was meant to go. 

Dream 4/29/17: I dreamt that my step-sister was going to have a son. She already has a daughter and has given no signs of wanting another child so initially I took the dream/vision as not being founded in anything. Then later in the dream my step-sister gave birth to a son and my vision was affirmed. 

I also got the message to have faith in the next generation of kids. They will know they are not alone and will overcome struggles far more easily because of that. They will also know how to handle issues with a greater amount of honesty and perseverance. 

Dream 4/30/17: This was one long dream but it consisted of 3 different themes/messages throughout. The first portion of my dream was about a domestic violence abuser who was struggling with drugs. He didn't want to hurt his wife but would lose himself to anger and lash out in violence. He started attending a church and the church reached out to help him. (I'm pretty sure this was a message about Ken -a boyfriend of a friend of mine who beat her up once and when I tried to confront him about the situation told me to leave it alone -as did my friend). I stopped talking with that friend because it was too hard seeing her treat herself so poorly as if it was her fault and then get back together with Ken after saying she never would again. Ken meanwhile maintained distance from me until a couple years ago when he started following me on Instagram. He's made it clear he wants to mend things and get my forgiveness. I know he hasn't hurt my friend since, but it's kind of hard to say, "I forgive you" to someone you don't know that well who caused you no physical pain but still was responsible for causing your friend pain. It's awkward and I'm not sure what to do about it. I don't hate him, I just wish things had been different. 

The second part of the dream consisted of me looking for a job among 5 different churches (2 I could tell off the bat were not a good fit). It was then made clear I was under-qualified because I was not familiar enough with religious doctrine and had spent no time in any kind of seminary school being trained. It made me feel like I had spiritual insight to give but that the church was too structured and stringent a system to receive it from just a "lay person". 

In the last portion of the dream I started attending a church. In one of the sermons 2 pastors stood in front of people and one said out loud, "What is your philosophy on religion? We all have different insights to give, and this is mine: Feed your soul by standing in the midst of those who are starving and in poverty. Grow your soul by extending grace unto them." And as he said it I saw a vision in my mind of Christ radiating a bright light amongst people in rags on the street. That tapping into spiritual grace and giving deeply to others were all you would need in this world. 

The second pastor beside him looked shocked and kind of surprised and didn't know what to say to top that. They then went into the crowd and asked people, "What is your philosophy on religion?" Most people didn't know what to say and asked to be skipped but then it came to me. I knew and felt like I was meant to say some profound things and give what understandings I had to the group in that moment. I spoke mostly about Listening to other people with empathetic caring and striving to extend kindness to people each day. 

Then I had another dream about a prostitute that kind of looked like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. She met up in a business room with a moan who was also a prostitute hoping to render "service" from him. The man seemed kind of wise and asked her questions about who she was. She talked about loving her pet cat and wanting to one day move to France. I woke from the dream with the understanding that prostitutes are never really seen as human or as people -but they can find and give wisdom and insight and are real people that also need compassionate understanding and grace to be extended. I already knew this but it helped to see it being illustrated so clearly. 

Dream 4/30/17: Went to a job interview at a woman's home because she was an entrepreneur with multiple businesses. She had 5 business cards total and was going through each "business" and telling me about them. The first business was selling nutella ice cream sandwiches. The second one was "wealth management" where she was a financial consultant. I don't remember 2 of the other ones, but the last one was a non-profit that helped at risk teen boys learn how to grow their own crops which they then got to eat and make meals out of. I was mostly interested in helping out the woman with her approach to business and marketing strategy but I liked that she supported the non-profit which was the only part of her business I cared about. 

Dream 5/02/17: Had a dream British Parliament gave me 35 bills to review and vote on. I had no way of reaching out to the British people to see what they wanted and I was given no consultants. So I focused on trying to pass bills that helped people -especially those in poverty -by taxing people minimally for small things like $2 parking fees in public parking places. 

The British people -and 3 high profile members of Parliament -then resoundingly complained. They hated the taxes and didn't understand what they were going towards and wanted them redacted. Then 15 of the 35 bills were handed over to 3 other people who knew less than I did and voted based on a whim. Their bills seemed more popular by meer coincidence given they didn't even bother reading what each bill was about and arbitrarily decided which ones passed and which ones didn't. 

I realized that there were 2 conflicting issues: The will of the people as a majority and the suffering of many people in poverty that didn't seem to have a voice. 

Then had a dream about a Greek hero who sailed a ship and managed to take on many feats that seemed impossible because he acted at the right time in the right way. 

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