Monday, May 1, 2017

Drawing a Line in the Sand: Politics

Last week protests broke out in Berkeley and became violent highlighting 2 big issues going on. 

#1 We've reached very toxic state of unrest and dissension. In past years -even if people had disagreed at these sorts of rallies -they rarely turned violent or escalated to the extend that they have now. 

#2 Groups affiliated with both "democrats" and "republicans" have shown the dark-side both is capable of enacting. 

I don't care who you are, Alt-Right groups are Neo-Nazi White Supremacists. Period. Their rhetoric is as racist as it is demented. 

I don't care who you are, this new "Antifa" group -which I assume stands for Anti-Fascism- is getting equally disturbing. 

You wouldn't think that a group claiming to be against fascism would be frightening (I acknowledge both political sides claime to be against it), but Antifa promoted sh*t like this: 

I also agree that it is cowardly to dress up in black and wear masks while protesting: 

I also agree that both sides are ultimately to be held accountable:

By some miracle the day that followed in Berkeley showed some signs of hope that people might find peaceful means of discussion and non-violence: 

On another note, I now have to address the subject of "triggering".

Only someone who either:

1. Never suffered from mental illness 
2. Never met anyone who suffered from mental illness
3. Never suffered from rape
4. Never met someone who suffered from rape

would be stupid and hateful enough to act like "being triggered" is just an annoying tendency to complain about things that aren't troubling. 

Here's something that happened with me and genuinely consisted of being triggered: 

We were in the movie theater together watching the 2011 movie Immortals. There was a scene where the main girl took off her clothes, was nude, and consensually chose to sleep with the main guy. 

My friend started freaking out, hiding her head, and asked to leave. She was 18 when she was raped and her clothes had been ripped off. Watching nude scenes -even consensual ones -triggered memories of what had happened. Sex and nudity in movies was struggle for her. She suffered post-traumatic stress-like symptoms. 

So this kind of bullsh*t is not appreciated:

Using the word "triggered" in a derogatory way to insult people is about as low as it gets. You are mocking Rape Victims, people suffering from mental health issues, and people with post-traumatic stress disorders which often includes Veterans. 

Why does politics always have to bring out not just "the worst" in people, but the worst kinds of people??? 

Which is why this kind of enlightened understanding and explanation is appreciated:

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