Monday, May 8, 2017

Card Readings: May 8th 2017

Intuition and cards seem to be more and more on-point. I feel more drawn to doing things and just kind of go with it and stuff works out. 

For example, there was some sort of shift and more and more intuitives/spiritual people have been following me on Instagram -and I've been following back most of the time. It means for some reason I'm attracting more positive people in some way. 

Doreens Card that was drawn today was more about the state of moving on that I'm going through. Not just trying to literally move on and out, but also internally let go of clutter and old habits. 

Then I felt compelled to meditate and use a card deck I usually don't draw from. It's the Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams and David Carson. 

First I drew Black Panther -which was interesting because it came right after the Jaguar card in the book, which is my other main totem. Black Panthers are a type of Jaguar, so it's interesting to see this version of a similar animal totem. 

Basically the Panther said to not fear the unknown, trust intuition, don't focus so much on mental distractions -focus more on Being. Expect blessings and that the unknown ultimately comes from God and the place of knowing that is Heaven. 

Then I drew another card: The Bear. 

Bear is about tapping into "inner cave" -aka intuitive places in the brain that help dreams and visions from Heaven come through. I've been asking to receive clearer visions through dreams since that's the way my dreams have been lately. 

It also suggests not being distracted by the "advice" of others -which came up this week. It says to focus less on guessing and more on tapping into the space of knowing. It also mentions seeking solace in quiet/sleep or things that make you feel safe. 

I do feel like I've been hibernating -which happens in winter. And with Colorado weather spring IS winter sometimes... 

(Taken 1 week apart)...

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