Friday, April 7, 2017

World Issues = Spiritual Issues

Was drawn to watch the movie Prince of Egypt yesterday. After watching it I realized why. There was a pattern there I hadn't seen before being echoed into today's reality. 


1. African refugee from birth, whose mother tried to save him from being executed since many, many children who were slaves and infants at the time were being killed by Pharoah. 

2. The reason Pharaoh wanted to kill the children was because he thought the slaves would grow too great in number and might over-power his rule. 

3. God finds a way to save Moses. 

4. No refugee crisis -aka people fleeing Egypt -because they were not able too, but otherwise would have. 

5. Moses is then later led to free the oppressed. 


1. Middle Eastern refugee before birth, whose mother tried to save him from being executed since many, many children were being killed at the time by a king. 

2. The reason the king wanted to kill children was because he feared a prophecy that a new king would arise among them and take his power. 

3. God finds a way to save Jesus (by guiding Mary). 

4. Small refugee crisis where people flee, but most aren't able too. Not as easy to flee as it is today and even that's saying something considering how many people die at sea. 

5. Jesus later frees an oppressed people. 

I've made this comparison before to the way it appears to be unfolding in the present -especially with groups like ISIS and Boko Haram. 

There was also something I was meant to understand about Moses being transported in a basket down the river being similar to refugees with children fleeing by boat. 

I think where mankind is failing, God will intercede and lead the way. But it also reminds me of this:

How we have not learned these lessons from the past seems to be coming up a lot lately. 

But there are so, sooooo many refugees these days now. Ukraine has bombs going off and people fleeing. The Middle East and Africa in general are in trouble. Then there's the political corruption and turmoil of many countries in South America. Then there's North Korea and countries run by dictators. Then there's Russia and the Philippines that have lethal men in power seeking to put down any that oppose them... 

We've got global issues covering just about every spectrum. at some point the question has to be asked: "How can we still afford to have wars if it leads to refugee crisis? At some point we're going to run out of safe countries for refugees to flee to." We have a global crisis in the millions -many being children. Not to mention enslavement (particularly rape trafficking) that is a global, systemic problem. 

Too many surmounting issues for mankind to face alone. Hence the reason I'm being more and more led to the understanding God is preparing to come through. 

And people can ask why is all this happening -with natural distastes on top? This is what happens when Heaven gets close to Earth and starts merging with it. 

Spiritual strength is heightened in those that side with the light. 

But those that give into darkness or side with power, greed, hate or other vices seem to only devolve and get worse. 

Truth is being made clear -thanks to the transparency of the internet and the availability of information. And lies are also being made clearer -which is why fake news is so internally frustrating. 

Always keep your eye open for Heaven coming through. These are new times. And good things are occurring now that have never happened before: 

-War and pain aren't new, but more and more people are able to be vocal about their opposition to it and the desire to seek peace

-You have GLOBAL solidarity which has never happened before

-Information being shared globally. If I wanted to message a friend in India I could do it right now and they could have the message seconds from it being sent. 

-Freedom is far more reaching and available to people. If I wanted to, today I could drive up to the mountains and go sledding. 

-Poverty is still a limitation, but less so than it was before in many places. 

-Humanitarian aid is being sent in a way never conceivable before. When word reached people that South Sudan had a drought and famine and that people were dying, Australia, America, Canada, Europe, India... many people in many countries the world over sent help to that one singular place. 

-For the first time in history, the world in general is moving to END slavery. Most times in human history they didn't even think of it as a problem. Now people are working towards an END to it. The word END is being applied to many pains that people seek globally to change -like poverty, violence, corruption... An END to these issues. 

So a lot of things are happening and it's important to see the good that's coming through and the darkness that is still trying to hold sway and influence over those that let it through them. 

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