Thursday, April 27, 2017

White Light + Golden Light

I'm not sure if I've blogged about this before or not. I'm pretty sure I've at least mentioned it. Woke up this morning and was led to understand that it's important to bring this one up for some reason. 

Some people acknowledge that souls emulate light. I usually compare it to electricity giving off a light as well as being a force of energy. 

And some people go into detail about auras and things of that nature. I can't perceive of auras and the sorts of colors affiliated with rainbows (like blue, purple, green...). The colors I see are White, Gold, Red, Gray, or Black. This sort of helps keeps things simple. 

White/Gold = Positive
Red/Gray/Black = Negative

I realized at some point that people who emulate the white light tend have these traits: 

-Hate violence and pain and seek peace extensively 
-Introspective, mentally-oriented, honest
-Calm, empathetic, and understanding 
-Usually pretty quiet or reflective 
-Usually affiliated with Christianity in particular (or more structured religions) 

People who emulate the golden light tend to have these traits: 

-Caring, warm, welcoming, embracing 
-Personable, emotional, social 
-Expressive externally and charismatic 
-Usually affiliated with Hinduism/Buddhism in particular (or religions that are more secular/open-minded) 

The main epiphany I had yesterday about these two lights involved the addition of JOY. 

Normally joy doesn't register with me because I'm more Peace-oriented and working on being more Love-oriented to gain a balance between these two attributes. Both qualities are inherent to the soul but people usually tend towards one or the other. 

But Joy is something I forget pretty frequently. When you're concerned with the pains of the world and how to make peace with them this added layer of being intended for happiness as well seems superfluous and hard to obtain. 

But yesterday I was reminded not to forget Joy. It can come in abundance and is also an inherent state of the soul. Allowing yourself to enjoy life, perceive of happiness, and seeking to engage with reality in that way is very important. 

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