Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Holocaust "Remembrance" Day

Yesterday was supposed to be Holocaust Remembrance Day, but what was revealed on Twitter was a far different reality than I had initially imagined. 

I think the following will help depict the state of affairs in which we currently fund ourselves with a vast range of opinions, agendas, and disturbing mentalities. 

First there were people Actually remembering the Holocaust: 

Then there were people either Denying that the Holocaust occurred and/or people trying to displace the focus from Jewish victims to soldiers being victims of of WW1 and WW2 by dying for an "unworthy cause": 

Then there were people trying to bring Trump to the scene -either saying he and his followers supported and contributed to antisemitism or Trump and Trump followers denouncing antisemitism: 

Then there were a few people trying to highlight Bernie:

Then there were people trying to use the Holocaust to justify inviting in Syrian refugees or denouncing Abortion (which was a new one for me to see). Basically people trying to argue a different kind of agenda based on the Holocaust: 

Then there were a LOT of people bringing up the Armenian Genocide. No mention of Native American genocide though. And the Armenian Genocide of Christians got confusing because some people used it as a means to blame the Jews and others used it as a means to blame Muslims: 

Then there were people again trying to use different things to spread hatred towards Jews or Muslims: 

Meanwhile, the latest stats on Jewish hate crimes in America this year so far is NOT GOOD: 

And there you have it. A convoluted mess. 

You have people using abuses against Jews Muslims to hate on all Muslims. 

You have people using abuses (past or present) by Jews to hate on all Jews. 

You have people denying the Holocaust even occurred -in spite of every kind of evidence imaginable. 

You have no one mentioning the fact that many of the Nazis identified as Christian or Catholic. 

You have no one mentioning that Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin were Atheist. 

You have no one mentioning how insane all of this is. 

We've run out of faith-related people to hate. All hail agnostics? 

The Holocaust isn't about the genocide of an entire people anymore.

It's just become a kind of game. 

And I do agree that other genocides NEED to be recognized. 

But part of the reason Americans don't focus on the Armenian genocide as much is because they had no real involvement in it. Not to the same extent that the WORLD -including the USA- was involved in World Wars 1 and 2. 

Having said that, it should be recognized -but with it's own day of acknowledgement:

And there are Christians being murdered by Boko Haram and ISIS right now that those bringing up the Armenian genocide would NOT want as refugees welcomed into this country. Meaning: If given the opportunity to help those Christians/Armenian people out, the American Christians bringing up the Armenian genocide would NOT. I imagine that if the Armenian genocide were occurring right now they wouldn't give sanctuary and safe harbor to those fleeing the violence. 

So here we are. 

People spreading hatred against different religious groups -never their own -because the point of remembering the Holocaust has been forgotten. 

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