Saturday, April 22, 2017

Card Reading and Themes of April 2017

Don't want to post ALL the dreams/cards/drawings I've done for April today. But these ones seem pretty insistent TODAY for some reason, so I'm just going to cover the cards drawn earlier this morning because they cover a lot of ground. 

First it has to be said that 3 objects were brought up pretty clearly yesterday and today: 

#1 Essential Oil (I have one bottle that has frankincense and other things in it I only take every once in a while when needed) 

#2 Angel Card Reading (one of the reasons I did it this morning) 

#3 Vision Journal (received a new vision during meditation and drew it this morning) 

So seeing these come up I knew it was time to check in and meditate today. And sure enough some things came up. 

The first and most immediate card drawn was NOTICE THE SIGNS. Meaning: "HEY! Heaven's trying to get ahold of you, listen!!!" 

And the BLUE card is actually something of a "sign" in and of itself. Not sure why the blue theme has come up so much this month but it has. 

First strange instance involving blue happened on April 7th when I woke up and started noticing the blue view from my bed. It was so obvious and stark, but I didn't know what it meant so I just took a picture of it. LOTS of blue popping up. 

Then 3 days ago I woke up and kind of took notice of the veins on my wrist. And the colors really hit me. The colors shifted from turquoise, dark blue, to indigo. It actually reminded me of a painting (like paint dripping on canvas).

Then my mind started wandering and I ended up kind of wondering WHY blood is blue. Because humans are comprised of about 70-80% water. And ocean water -as it is with the sky -is technically clear and transparent but also appears BLUE for reasons no one really knows. So why all this BLUE. It's a color that comes up so frequently. 

The card also denoted "Speaking Truth" which has also been coming up a lot more and more. I'm more passionate about thinking the truth than I am speaking it. And lately I've been struggling to write it in that I have no real desire to write in the first place in spite of how many thoughts come up so frequently. 

As for the other two cards: Perfect Timing. I hope that mean a job and finding an apartment. I get the sense than when it happens things will follow quickly, which is why I've been packing boxes and getting ready for the move actively. 

Innocence is something I've been struggling with the past week or so. I want that feeling like I had when I was 24 of just BEING in that state. And I know in general I'm not exactly running low on innocence, but for some reason I've been struggling with tapping into it. Probably has to do with humility and letting go. My defenses have been up lately so it's a kind of struggle to Trust. 

As for the vision that came to me during today's meditation: 

I asked God to help fill me with the light and grace of Heaven so that I might fill the world around me with it. Then this image of a lotus appeared in water and two hands moved forward and pushed the lotus to me. It means reaching my internal goal of blossoming into soul is coming and will be achieved. 

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