Tuesday, April 11, 2017

10 Suggestions for Surviving 2017

*Personal Update* 

*Had a pretty intense experience the other night. 

Lately I've been drawn back to going to church and only realized maybe yesterday that part of the reason I was drawn to watching Prince of Egypt might be because Passover is this week. It's amazing how you're drawing to spirituality when it's that "time of year". But I also feel like it;s just time to get re-connected to faith in general. 

Then things "at home" have been intensifying. You start to recognize patterns with family and past history and I know that moving forward things will be moving upward for me and prosperity will come. But the transition to that, as it's always been, is a tense one. 

Part of me doesn't understand how people can be so blind to the hurt they cause others. And how they can hold money or things above the value of connections and relationships they have with others. 

Part of me is also glad that after 29 years I'm over all this nonsense -from every end -and I can move on without looking back. 

But in the turmoil, I've called on God incessantly. In the moment when fear starts getting to me and past memories of family dysfunction start coming up. But also in prayer for the people I'm struggling with now because I do genuinely want them to have everything: Happiness, Abundance, Love, and Peace. And God would extend anyone these things infinitely -it just helps when people stop yelling. 

And then one night it felt like my mind opened up into Heaven -closest I could describe it. Like there were no barriers between me and God and Heaven. My mind opened up into this sensation and it felt like it was the way it was meant to be.*

So I came up with this list of 10 things a couple weeks ago. I knew that I needed to write it out and post it, but hadn't felt compelled to until now. Initially it was just 3 main suggestions and then it evolved into 10 -I think that number is significant for some reason with this. 

1. Go into Nature. This one has been coming up a lot lately -especially since it's spring and excuses to stay in doors are melting. 

2. Be Patient. This includes with God, but in general give things the time they need to come about in the right way. And also, for any major decision or stance on anything -give yourself at least 3 days to reach the best conclusion. Reflection = Your Friend. 

3. Slow Your Pace to Match Heaven's. Heaven moves wayyyyy more slowly than I gave it credit for. Time passes quickly in Heaven, but when Heaven comes through it takes time and wades through this physical space like a person at the end of a swimming pool. 

4. Always Seek to Stretch Your Soul with Compassionate Caring as Empathetically and Indiscriminately as You Can. 

5. Seek Piety. Piety is a little different from humility or being humble. Being humble says, "I acknowledge you are cold and are living on the street so I will comfort you with a bowl of soup." Piety says, "I will join you on the street as a friend -please take my coat as your own and have my bowl of soup to eat." It's giving to the greatest extent you are able." 

6. Find and Found Heaven on Earth. Keep a line of sight on the good and where Heaven is coming through. Strive to help Heaven come through by praying over places, people, situations and giving when you can. Listen to what you are intended for. 

7. LISTEN. If there's one thing this world isn't doing enough of it's listening to those in need and the problems of the world. Listen for what you're intended to know and listen to those who have no voice or are not being heard. 

8. Don't be distracted by the Noise of the world. With listening comes the art of tuning out nonsense, falsehoods, and distractions. Look to human history for greater understanding on what is occurring now and don't rush to judgments as many people do. Don't be distracted by the noise. 

9. Seek Creativity (and ADDING to Life). Whatever that might be for you do it. Not for profit in the traditional sense of the word but in the ways it profits you as a soul. Improve life where you can and create new things that add value to life -including your own. 

10. GIVE. Whatever you've got to give that you've been meaning to: GIVE. The more you give the more your soul is stretched and extended beyond you. The more you contribute to the world the more a part of it you become in a greater way. 

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