Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Angel Cards + Dreams February - March 2017

It's been a long month -even though time is passing so swiftly now. Time is increasing speed and Heaven is drawing nearer than ever. 

Things have been mostly murky for me though. The noise of political turmoil and pressures from people to get your life in order in a timely manner aren't helpful. God leads me to draw strength from things that outlast all these things and are beyond them -which at this point mostly consists of nature. 

My intuition has been off the charts though. Greater messages are coming through and synchronicity is picking up. For instance, I was lying in bed and wondering: "About 10 years ago they discovered a fully-intact wooly mammoth and announced they were going to try to breed the mammoth into existence through elephants and that it would take about 50 years to get a fully-fledge mammoth. I wonder where they're at with that..." 2 days later they decided to update Twitter on their progress and said they were 2 years away from a "mammophant". 

Also been getting the message that it is VERY important that I start picking up Spanish again. I took 4 years of Spanish in high school hoping to become fluent and then got burned out on it and didn't take another class again until my last year in college (mostly as a refreshers course). And that was 10+ years ago now. So my Spanish is shakey, but the more I think my thoughts in Spanish the easier it is for me to recall words and reclaim it. 

It also helps you discover things about yourself when you learn a foreign language. For instance, I couldn't remember any "practical" words at all. Brushing youth teeth, spoon, driving a car... NOPE. But montanas, mariposas, el sol, la luna, las estrallas, la playa, caballo, tortuga, tigre, perro, gato... Nature seemed pretty well covered. 

You also learn what phrases you define yourself by. I use "Pienso que" and "Siento que" and "Entiendo" a lot. I think, I see, I sense/feel, I understand that... Where other people might say, "I hear that..." or "I guess that..." It means I'm coming from a place of thinking and intuition a lot of the time. If you were coming from a place of "Being" you would say something along the lines of "I am..." or "I am certain that..." or "I'm sure..."

Dreams have been fragmented this month. I remember pieces of them when I wake up and they're usually vibrant in color and metaphorical in message. It's interesting trying to discern them sometimes. 

Dream 2/04/17: Don't remember this dream now, but I had written down its main points: Focus on learning lessons and helping people -not just getting a job. When 2 sides are divided over and issue they're BOTH fearful and both trying to control other people and what they do so don't get sucked into the divide. Do good from where you're at in whatever way you can and don't be distracted by the noise of the world. So all in all was a pretty profound dream. 

Dream 2/05/17: Dreamt I was in a kind of "Lost World" with lots of dinosaurs running around and people trying to survive. The leaders of the groups where spiritual and used clever defenses to evade the dinosaurs. They taught people patience and wisdom. 
Dinosaurs have been coming up a LOT lately in general. 

Dream 2/06/17: Dreamt I was meant to create artwork for children. Things to do with dragons, the environment, and kings/queens/kingdom. I made dragon art that you could play with as a toy when I was 12 years old. You cut-out the dragon and play with it and I've thought of selling those but still haven't gotten around to that. 

Dream 2/09/17: Had a dream I went to an Asian art museum. Asian culture isn't really represented well in the U.S. in general. Most other cultures that are become stereotyped like a caricature. But this museum exemplified it and I was meant to see and understand the divinity within Asian creativity. Later in the dream I went with my step-sister to a church and it become my "home church". Been having issues with that lately. I can tell that I'm meant to go to church right now, but still haven't found one that deeply ties to me as a person. 

Dream 2/11/17: This was an important dream. First part of the dream consisted of me going to my high school reunion -which happened last year and I didn't go. In the dream I saw people from school that I recognized but they ultimately hadn't changed much and they were people I was acquaintances with but didn't care too much to see. So basically found out the reunion would have been a waste to go to, which was a nice confirmation. 

In the second part of the dream, the reunion turned into a spiritual fair with different shops you could go to. Went through several but couldn't really find anything genuinely moving or spiritual to buy. Kind of the same-old-same-old and things being marketed to the masses. I then went into a place where I was intended to mail a package to my grandma and there were tons of boxes filled with HER stuff. This was important because it was my grandmother's birthday in a few days and I was debating sending her this notepad that felt intended for her, but I wasn't sure. In the dream Heaven basically told me: "Yes, that is for HER."

The last part of the dream consisted of me wandering through a spiritual art shop. I bought a bookmark because I felt guilty buying nothing and the woman in the store was trying to help me get something. Then I saw a pile of unicorn artwork and started sifting through painting after painting. Then I was surprised to see one of my own. It was a different looking unicorn picture -but it was buried under all the others and I new it would never really sell. Woke up from the dream feeling like there's too much spiritual art being marketed for mine to really be noticed at this point and Etsy really is a waste of time for me to work on. Then Doreen Virtue posted this card that same morning: 

My talent and creativity isn't being denied. Just need more guidance on the best way to apply it. 

Dream 2/15/17: Dreamt there was a beautiful house worth $340,000 by a small lake that had an orchard. It was back in what seemed like the 1900s with women wearing large, fancy dresses. Men and women from various backgrounds would come to stay there because they weren't very well off and it become a kind of orphanage for adults. Many of the men and women would then find someone there and marry. They would then go off and have lives of there own -hoping to get a house around $60,000 (the money aspect of this dream was important to pay attention to). 

I wanted to find someone, but every time you saw someone you could see yourself being friends with, you never felt any romantic inclination towards them and they would marry someone else. then someone better would come along and you'd be glad you waited but it still wasn't someone you ended up with. 

Finally I got tired of being inside around the carousel of couples and went out into the orchard to be on my own. Then I saw this beautiful woman and KNEW she was the one. I felt this overwhelming love for her before we even spoke. She had piercing blue eyes, wavy long hair of light brown, and she looked like someone who loved to explore and venture into the world. I haven't had many dreams of being with a woman -or anyone for that matter. This one was pretty irrefutable. I KNEW. I'm definitely intended to find someone and I need to be open to who that will be.

And it was also important for me when I dreamed of a place of my own not to settle as other people did for homes of lesser worth, but to stay clear on what I genuinely wanted. Not a mansion worth millions but a home near nature that was beautiful and my own. 

Dream 2/191/7: Don't remember much of this dream -just a glimpse of something. I saw this sort of vision of God being the infinite universe and these different planets being sort of like Chakras along a spine. People on this planet were like cells of God's body. I don't mean to belittle the significance of human life by this vision, but it is important to know we all Comprise God. We are all pieces of The Light. You cannot say you love God unconditionally or eternally if you do not embrace God as a WHOLE. And we are pieces from God and of God. God is infinite and everything is of God. We were intended for this unity and to embrace everything with love. 

Dream 2/22/17: Had a weird dream about the Kardashians. Dreamt I went to their home and it was essentially a palace and they wore crowns like kings and queens. But they argued a lot and were distracted by things that didn't matter and seemed largely cut-off from the world -even though they could have great influence over it if they wanted. I mostly hung around in the background and tried to be a friend -someone humble that just gave good advice and solace every once in a while. 

Vision: 2/22/17: The "snake upon the cross" image has been coming up a lot lately. 

Numbers 21:4-9 talks about Moses placing the snake upon the staff to heal people who'd been bitten (which is amazing given snake poison is the antidote for snake poisoning). Then later Christ made reference and said He would be like the snake upon the staff and would bring healing to people who looked upon Him and believed (John 3:14-15). God is redemptive and healing.

The double-helix portion of this is also important and represents DNA/strands of interwoven life. This symbol in general has come up a lot and it's less about healing and more about Redemption/Overcoming Negativity. 

Doreen also posted this picture for the Angel Card reading and it had the symbol as well: 

Dream 2/24/17: Had a dream my friend Alex wanted to get me something for my birthday so we went to a store and he wanted to help me pick out a dress. Normally I hate wearing dresses so I told him if we were going to do it, we'd have to do it right and find a good one. I think I'm meant to get a dress for some reason. Maybe I'll need one. My step-mom offered to take me to a clothing store this weekend as a birthday present so I'm thinking I might get one there. 

Dream 2/27/17: Had a dream I was playing a video game and then entered into the video game. The game was immaculately beautiful and had a beach with plesiosaurus swimming around. I grabbed hold and swam with them. Basically this implies that Heaven can come through in video games and that Heaven is a place where amazing things can happen. Also -dinosaurs coming up again. 

Later in the dream I needed to go on a trip and I needed to bring the right things -which did NOT include typical medicines like Aspirin, Excedrin PM, and other things that weren't exactly "organic" but did include lotions and things to help with Sun Burn. 

I then spent the remainder of the dream attempting to learn and speak Spanish with other people since they didn't speak English and they were trying to teach me things about wisdom and spirituality. You really start to realize how inconvenient the English language is when you understand how essential LATIN was and how well founded the "romance languages" like Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese are in it. 

Last thing: Got gifted 2 new Doreen Virtue angel card decks by my mom like I saw in the dream. I now have about 7 or 8 total decks of cards to use, but only use 2 main ones. and one of these new decks worked s well that it became my number 2. These are my 2 main decks and the cards I drew that day:

Oh yah, I'm supposed to be working on creative projects like that graphic design thing I'm doing for my friend and then finishing up work that has to do with my coloring book. Amethyst my birthstone on my birth-month: February. Lucid dreaming -more like visions that bring clarity. 

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