Monday, November 14, 2016

The Final Coming

I feel like God’s been trying to give me greater clarity on what is and what will be. First came the religious metaphor, which cued me into the Final Coming. Then came the driving to work metaphor to show me the “way”. The finally came Harry Potter, which in all honesty has brought the most clarity and insight. ***It should be noted this is for AMERICA in particular and maybe a few other countries. Other countries will be on a “different chapter” or maybe even from a different book of reference.

The Religious Metaphor:

 He looked over across the table and said, “I know who you are and what you’re here to do. Go.”

Possessed he then fled to his dark purpose as had been seen coming. Yet everyone was surprised when they found out what had happened.

And so the light of divinity within the flesh of man was traded for coin.

Allegedly “well-educated” upper class white people then proclaimed, “Trump will bring about more jobs and business: He’s a business man.” Profit and self-gain were deemed more significant than the sanctity of innocent life.

And you knew the Pharisees would come. Allegedly “religious”, not-so-well-educated people from the woods and isolated lands of other plains demanding blood in God’s name.

But many forgot what was said of Peter. Men staying in their homes and denying the issue at hand and saying, “How bad can a Trump as president be? Let the world burn.” Turning a blind eye to the truth they knew within.

And what was the result?

Those who are blind to the suffering of others will follow the leader they hail who is just as blind as they are. Because of this, more suffering will be enacted –as was silently requested.

And what is to come?

The veil has been pierced. Darkness has called itself out by its own name: Hatred. The pain to follow will take many forms. For some it will be a abuse, others a beating, some torture –but in the end DEATH will inevitably follow.

And when the flood gates have opened and people finally begin to fathom what has happened –which will have to come later because everyone is still too distracted –then many will turn to genuine faith and belief. Peace will be their only chance at redemption.

Then will come the intercession.

Lights in the sky like diamonds atop mountains. The ascension to heavens above –though not death. And then the RETURN.

When all the puzzle pieces finally fall into place and you see it all playing out before your eyes it seems a kind of impossibility as it unfolds into reality. And yet we are taken care of in the end.

And there is no real end.

Just salvation. 

Driving to Work Metaphor:

Thought about the future a lot today on my drive to work –especially given the state of things. And the drive played itself out as a metaphor for things to come.

I saw 2 billboards in front of me. One was for a “Live Nudes” at a bar and the other was for “Halos” –the oranges kids eat as snacks. The wording on the Halo billboard was something along the lines of “Good choice, kid.” And as I neared these 2 conflicting signs I saw the Bar’s billboard overshadow and bury the other behind. And it was clear a lesser decision had been made in favor of something not divinely intended for us. But then as I moved forward the child’s sign re-emerged and was scene BEHIND the other almost as if to say “God is always around”.

So I moved forward but there was traffic –which was weird given there usually isn’t any on a Wednesday. And the pace was slow, but still moved forward. And there came another thought, “At no point can this traffic move backward. It must always go forward as a stream, but the pace can slow down.” So progress will continue in this country and good will continue to happen, the pace will just be slowed down a lot now.

And then things started to pick up and I made my way to the office. When I saw the sign of the cross and the Salvation Army nearby it felt like I was in better territory. If you’re going to move forward, move in the direction of God.

Then I arrived at work. I was still depressed about everything. Then I accidentally spilt my tea on my desk. The immediate instinct was to save that which was most at-risk –which in this case was my cell phone. And there came the understanding that when “Biblical events” really start to occur here, the Children will need to be looked after first. There will be a shepherding and a protection of children.

Then everyone came together for an all staff meeting. There was shared lamentation and sadness over the implications of this presidency. But there was also the reminder that our work at this non-profit was going to be more essential than ever given how many more people will inevitably be in need now. Everyone kind of came together and you left the room feeling like there were good people banding together to look after others.

I think this will be the way of the transition. I still estimate it will be in a year or two. Sometimes I feel it may be less time than that. But when people are caught off guard by what they will call “The End”, the true shepherds will come forward instinctually and people will be well looked after. Those that suffer most will be those lost to ignorance and trapped in the lands of vice. 

The “Harry Potter” Metaphor

Right now America is in the “Order of the Phoenix” 5th movie of Harry Potter. (Not going by the book because the movie is clearer and simpler). Dolores Umbrage (Trump) is set to take power over Hogwarts (America) as appointed by a corrupted government in denial of the fact that the death eaters (KKK and violent bigots) are on the rise. Umbrage at first seems strangely bombastic in her command of the school, given it does not actually belong to her and she has no real past qualifications to even be fit to run such an institution. Then when Dumbledore leaves she takes over entirely.

Meanwhile the students are agitated by the reign of this new dictator-esque individual and decide to secretly rebel by coming together as a group in unity (and what is later called “defiance”) to try and overcome the real threat of darkness (hatred + bigotry). They know the real situation going on with the death eaters and Voldemort gaining power and refuse to be distracted by Delores.

Delores gains power, starts enacting ridiculous laws to “maintain control” and the wellbeing and happiness begins to diminish. Draco Malfoy and other “bigots in training” praise allegiance to Delores and are rewarded. The ABUSES start to occur, although in comparison to abuses possible in these sorts of circumstances they technically are not as bad as they could be –mostly just EXTENSIVE and fairly frequent.

Someone finally decides to do something and an overt rebellion occurs. The abuses of Delores are eventually revealed and she is stripped of her title and removed from her position.

Simultaneously the “native” centaurs of the woodlands (Native Americans) are having their lands infringed upon by the government and are growing very very agitated. At one point a representative of the government harms the centaurs directly, but are soon freed and regain their power.

What is less certain is this issue of the direct confrontation with the death eaters –including Malfoy’s dad Lucius (someone you didn’t know was a part of that group, but wouldn’t surprise you to know was in league). The “dark mark” starts coming up a lot more and people start to overtly show it (in this case it’s likely the swastika).

Ultimately what is happening right now is a period of greater clarification. There are people (like the Minister of Magic) who are in denial about themselves and the harm they are causing with that denial –including the perpetuation of dark forces like KKK and rape culture and other violent groups and individuals. Eventually people will come to terms and “face” this reality in the eye.

As I’ve sensed, once that happens there will a mass influx of spirituality being turned to. Some people will get baptized or become Christian –others will be Jewish or Muslim. Some will turn to religion. Others will just become more spiritual in general. THEN the ascension will occur. How fast or slow will this occur –no idea. I gauge a year or two off-hand but time is “flexible” and can change or shift. It’s not written in stone. It’s more dependent on things happening then when they occur in time.

At some point –after Trumps abuses come to light (more) clearly and things get a little darker and possibly draconian in general –the REAL issue of darkness will pierce the veil directly. Spiritually speaking Heaven is enveloping the Earth right now in preparation for “merging” with it. It’s still got a little ways to go, but it is overlapping this planet right now –or at least America. In response, Hell will try to gain its footing and “take back” control any way it can. People holding the line and banding together IS the ultimate solution. 

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