Sunday, November 13, 2016

Post Election


When it hits you.

I feel frightened and nauseas and nervous and frightened… It feels like you can’t breathe. Like the world is slipping from your hands. And I’m reminded of God and all that is good and the unity of people and the reason within the minds of the enlightened… and STILL there is no peace here.

It’s disturbed and it’s sickening. This is why I was against voting for Trump. I knew what was implied. I knew it would embolden racists and rapists. Everyone knows that storm was bubbling right under the surface. But now it is emboldened and given free reign where before it was held at bay.

Things are going to get very DARK. Lots of pain. Like a murderer a policeman walked over to and handed a knife. And yet the majority of people aren’t that lost. I have seen that this line won’t be broken. That things will hold firm where they need to… and STILL there is no solace here.

I fear very deeply for black people. I fear for women in particular, for men will seek to pray on them most considering it easiest. I fear for Muslims and gays as well. I fear especially for transgender people. I fear for their safety and their safe keeping.

I feel like these human lives are like porcelain dolls someone decided to hand a 2 year old with a hammer. I fear for that which I love. I fear the sanctity and the light of these lives will be put out. I know if things change it will be swift from those who are malicious and then slow by those who have compassion.

We will learn, but it will take time. This waiting makes me uneasy. Only this kind of man and this kind of mentality can make you feel like an endangered species. 

Post Election Commentary:

(18 -25 year olds)

Post Election "Trump Effect":

1. Women

2. Racism
Police arrest a Trump supporter who punched a black 15 year old boy

(There have been 50+ similar instances reported across the U.S.)


ASL -American Sign Language

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