Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Thoughts on Politics and Parties

Hey look it’s everyone’s favorite subject: Politics!

I think it’s important to mark kind of where the different parties are at politically right now because there are some major shifts occurring and some divides arising that are changing the landscape of these parties themselves.

First off we have to acknowledge WHY these divides are occurring.

#1 Most people want more than just Party A or Party B. The parties themselves aren’t doing as much for the people as the people want them to.

#2 Multiple generations of individuals do not see eye to eye. Expecting the same perspective and ideologies to be shared among that vast of a party is next to impossible when you realize it consists of millions of deeply diverse individuals.
So HOW are the parties dividing?

Democratic divide is probably the easiest to see right now with the Hillary v. Bernie situation. There are 2 main groups divided within Democratic/Liberal lines:

#1 There is the older generation that trusts in status quo and keeping things the same at the same steady pace –with a lot of the same goals being sought after.

#2 Then there’s the younger generation that feels this group isn’t moving fast enough or in as impactful a way as it should. They feel the issues facing society and want them addressed head on.

You can pretty much say there are “conservative” liberals and “liberal” liberals.
Next are Republicans. There is divides are harder to see, but the ironic part is there are actually MORE divides within that group.

#1 Republicans that are only republican because they’re rich and want that wealth maintained

#2 Republicans that are conservative and highly educated that want the status quo maintained. (Sometimes there’s overlap between groups 1 and 2)

#3 "Biblically" conservative Republicans that want gay rights ended and abortion illegal

#4 Not-so-well educated, very colorful individuals who don’t want the risk of their guns being taken

What baffles some Republicans about Donald Trump is he only appealed to Republicans #4. The other sets of Republicans were completely bi-passed (save for some pandering to Evangelicals that didn’t exactly go smoothly…)

At this point, both presidential candidates remind me of Henry the 8th in different ways. I reference that monarch because he’s one of the most well-known, I watch too much Tudors, and his mannerisms were well noted.

Trump is like Henry is just about every respect. If that man were given the capacity to execute people who piss him off he would. In fact he kind of already said that he wanted to. He said he wants to intensify torture of people suspected to have terrorist ties and he wants to blow up the families (women and children) of ISIS. Pretty much exactly what Henry did –and when it came to executing women and children he actually did it to his OWN people.

He’s also like Henry because of his behavior and temperament in general. They also kind of look alike…

Hillary is ALSO like Henry the 8th in some surprising ways. When Henry couldn’t get his way and have Anne Boleyn as his wife, he went out of his way to make it happen.

Step #1 Threaten to leave the Pope in the dust.

Step #2 Execute Wolsey –the right hand man who just couldn’t seem to make things work –on the basis of “treason”.

Step #3 Get the cardinals to agree on bended knee that King Henry is the head of the Church of England.

Step #4 Get a newly appointed cardinal to have previous marriage deemed void.

Step #5 Mary Anne Boleyn and FORCE everyone in the kingdom to agree to her legitimacy as queen.

Step #6 Execute Sir Thomas Moore because he refused.


When you go that far out of your way to make something happen… it HAPPENS.

Hillary’s pretty much the same, just with less violence and overt tactics.

I think after she lost the presidency to Obama in 2008 and it wasn’t even considered in 2012 she had spent almost 10 years figuring out, “How do I make this an ABSOLUTE certainty to the best of my ability.”

Thus followed the bribes, favors, secret emails, exchange of funds, raising of money for campaigning, corrupting the Democratic Party from within, ensuring votes, buying out the media, more favors for banks and other similar corporations, being utterly astounded by the popularity of Bernie followed by the desire to drown out his name, more manipulations…

Hillary’s trip through the White House was far less bloody than Anne Boleyn’s to the throne, but no less convoluted and manipulative.

Neither person deserves the presidency at this point. Neither act presidential. They only act bloated on their own wealth up to their eyes in the bullsh*t they keep pedaling.

The only real defining difference between them is Hillary actually knows what the presidency involves as a position. Trump kind of admitted he never really intended to succeed or get as far as he did. If Trump actually has to do what the president actually does, I’m pretty sure he would impeach himself.

Presidency is Paperwork. Lots of sitting behind a desk, reading long-winded documents in legal jargon, and making important decisions based on that. It’s also lots of meetings. And then some more meetings. And then more meetings.

Personally I think Hillary deserves the mountain of documents –some of which are manipulated pieces of work coming out of Congress with secret hidden agendas in them you would miss if you skipped page 213. It seems fitting. 

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