Thursday, September 15, 2016

Thoughts on Driving Through Life

Was on the drive to work last week and I was frustrated and worried about being there on time –and I wasn’t even at work yet. That’s pretty bad when you’re stressed before the day has even begun. Then I saw the city in the distance and almost like a voice the message came, “Look at it. Isn’t it amazing.” And for the first time I started to fathom the SIZE of these giant buildings I was weaving through. I started to note their heights and it was like being at the base of a giant redwood.

Then I passed by a building I’d never noticed but drove by every day and was amazed how beautiful it was. I was genuinely taken by the way the light hit off its windows and the architecture of it.

NEW EYES. God gives people new eyes to a world they’ve gone blind to.

And then again on the way home in what I knew would inevitably be 1 hour of traffic: “Hey, what would you do if this was all a dream? If the weight of this was lifted?”

God pulls you out of the sinking of a moment and stands you on the water. This life has never been what it seems. There is always MORE beyond it.

Going to be late to work today. Was 15 minutes early yesterday but then out of nowhere today decided to be traffic lined up into oblivion. It took me 10 minutes to drive 300 feet.

“Take it EASY. Why are you in such a hurry to rush through this life? Breathe. Take the time to take time.”

God has to remind adults that all we really are is children who’ve forgotten how to play. How to see life. How to take life in and enjoy it.

We were meant to enjoy the ride. We weren’t meant to resent the drive through. 

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