Thursday, September 1, 2016

Part 3: Beauvallon v. Heaven


WOW... (we get it Emporis you own this image)

It's... So... BEAUTIFUL! 

For the low, low price of…

$400,000 to $600,000!!! For CONDOS?! They’re not even houses!!! You don't get your own backyard!

OUCH! The price hurts my eyes!!! 

And then you drive past Bauvallon –the upscale, modern version of a mini Babylon in Denver -and you inevitably come across numerous homeless people holding cardboard signs.

You have to ask yourself, who is this for? Who is this monstrously gorgeous, extremely unaffordable housing for??? It’s not for them -the guys with the signs on street corners. It’s certainly not for me. If my whole existence amounts to $600,000 in profit at the end of my life I will be deeply astounded. So who can justify the fact that there’s this much affluence in a city of 5,000 homeless?

Who is this for… and more importantly, is this JUST? Is this “righteous”? Is this ok, or “good”? Because something seems a bit off when people can put that much luxury towards themselves 5 blocks away from people who's home is whatever shelter they can find for the night.

So I reflect and ask myself, “What does Heaven do?” Not what does Earth do, or how does the economy work, or should the wealthy have to give up the crap they want for the circumstances of people they’ve never even met… But genuinely, WHAT DOES HEAVEN DO?

If we truly want the graces and abundance of Heaven to be bestowed on the Earth we must seek to pave that way and align ourselves with Heaven as much as possible.

In Heaven, when a man arrives having only possessed $5 in his pocket before he died, he finds himself in whole kingdoms of wonder. He is boundlessly surrounded by the immaculate beauty of gardens and palaces beyond fathoming. No ounce of this divinity is denied him. His eyes are filled to the brim with it. And he can engage in this space to his soul’s content.

And so it seems that the understanding must be acknowledged: To give this freely of magnificence that would or had otherwise been denied by Earth is to HEAL and LOVE where it hadn’t been given before. An act of Grace that would make the heart of any soul weep. To be WORTHY and of VALUE where the world told you, you didn’t own enough money to be considered a person worthy of any of it. To KNOW that this IS what you were intended for. That is love. That is the affirming of divinity in the soul by sharing with him with the divinity expressed in the artistry of architecture. To grant a man a palace who had only known the streets… it’s a kind of love.

Imagine a child being taken from a trailer park to Beauvallon and told, “This is Heaven. Nothing here will be denied you. Go where you choose and roam freely without care. Take in as much as you seek.” That is also a kind of FREEDOM. A boundless liberation for a soul to wander that freely and openly without hesitation in places formerly forbidden by Earth to venture. 

People on this planet play a game with money. And like the board game it’s a kind of monopoly against souls deemed of lesser value. 

That is why the heart SOARS to see the pictures and heart SINKS to see the price. 

What would otherwise be a gift of God becomes a pain inflicted. A denial of something inherently intended for ALL. 

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