Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Dreams 9-20-16

First off before I even begin with the dreams I have update on that bajillion year long project I was working on collecting United Way partner non-profit lists. First issue I discovered is the list was in fact for a bank that was headquartered near our United Way -not for United Way Worldwide. Second thing I found out wayyyy later than I should have is that the partner lists should only be requested for maybe 10 total specific UWays. I did not know this and was seeking them all out... which left me with about 201 different UWays to contact by mid October. BIG difference there. Instead of needing 201, I now only need 6. 

Clarifications are important in this life. That's what I learned. 

Meanstwhile on the dream front, I had extensive amounts of dreams nightly and then very few dreams since. And most of those dreams kind of went downhill into the land nightmares (a place I am not fond of...). 

Dream 9/04/16: Dreamt I was at work and I got promoted. They took my advice and got Chris Daughtry to advocate for UWay. Got access to building (finally, since I don't have a key as just a seasonal employee). Spent the night in the office in a tent trying to finish my work. I think the dream meant that even if my dreams for the job I'm in came true, I still wouldn't be that happy because I'd be working too hard. 

Dream 9/05/16: Had another dream about work, only in this one I was driving from building to building, house to house picking up objects for work –like inkind donations. Ran into my mom and she tried guilt-tripping me with a picture she had framed of me as a kid. She was telling me I don't spend enough time hanging out with her and I basically told her I had to go and finish my work picking things up. This dream was basically about stress over my job and my relationship with mom -which seems to come up a lot in other dreams as well. 

Dream 9/06/16: I dreamed there were various non-profit art centers for at-risk youth across the city and I worked in the marketing department of one and thought their graphic designs and logos were amazing. I met a bunch of people and helped out. They also helped kids with school projects. I felt “fulfilled” and overjoyed there were so many art centers. I liked this dream :) 

Déjà vu 9/08/16: Had about my 6th moment of deja vu at work again. Doing spreadsheets with inkind donations and emailing a girl named Lauren. 

Dream 9/10/16: 

Dream Part 1: Had a dream that was kind of a re-enactment of the movie SIGNS, but with demons instead of aliens. They were starting to pop-up everywhere and people didn’t know how to handle them. I actually saw one VERY vividly and intend to draw it at some point. I think they handled them with Holy water –like the movie used water on aliens.

Dream Part 2: Was in a college with my friend Michelle who was sick with a cold. It was snowing outside and I liked it, but she had a cold and didn’t. Wanted her to be happy like I was. 

Dream 9/11/16: This dream was intense and VERY graphic. Serial Killer, running around with a saw blade. Killed nurses in a surgery room as well as a patient they thought he was supposed to be operating on. I ran to escape. I prayed for God to come through and immediately felt protected –like the issue would be solved and I wouldn’t need to worry. Cops then caught the killer. I felt relieved and yet confused as to why a person would find themselves in such a deranged state. 

Dream 9/12/16: This is interesting because it's my 2nd year as a vegetarian, but I only remembered that fact AFTER the dream. Dreamt that people started regretting eating meat and feeling spiritually guilty and shamed about it. They started asking me about being vegetarian. I just told them to follow intuition. Walked into another room and there was a Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera music video on. It seemed fated, like the song was meant to be made.  

Dream 9/13/16: Waiting room in big hospital for children. George Clooney of all people was there with his son –a little boy. I then watched over the little boy and made sure he didn’t go wandering too far and played with the toys in that room. 

Dream 9/14/16: 

Dream Part 1: I dreamed at some point that I was told by beings in Heaven that Hell was coming and basically came to understand that some people would go to Hell –more by choice than anything. Those that seek Heaven will find higher ground and those that seek Hell or align with it will knowingly go downward. And I was sad for them and wished them a better life than one of self-destruction and pain. But they knowingly CHOOSE to go -which surprised me, but I understood.

Dream Part 2: This guy and his new girlfriend were basically going antiquing. She told him, since he was wealthy, to buy a very expensive dresser. I knew she was basically using him for his money, but he didn’t want to admit it and I didn't know him well enough to say it. I meanwhile spent money on art that I found. 

Dream Part 3: We drove to get my car fixed, then after it was fixed the snow came. This is pretty relevant given my car needs to go in for some maintenance –preferably before the snow comes in a month or so. 

Dream 9/17/16: Was back at mom’s house and she was trying to put in a new garage on the storage unit. My sister was there and we saw a bunch of cats running by. She was worried about them, but I told her they were the neighbor cats and they were well looked after. I noticed some were maimed or blind, but wasn’t worried for them because I knew they were looked after even in that condition.

Went inside the house to let our dog inside. Went into the kitchen to eat some cookies. That’s mom came in and was talking to me/nagging me to do something. Then I saw me from her eyes that I was an 8 year old girl –my younger self. I basically understood that she still sees me as a little kid. 

Then went on a shopping trip with my grandma and my aunt Debbie. They were buying breakable things and trying to figure out how to ship them to relatives without them breaking. 

Dream 9/19/16: Muddled dream about being in Egypt back in ancient times, seeing Sekhmet the lioness –headed deity –running around and coming to the conclusion she intended to harm me. Egypt was kind of complicated because you did have benevolent divine beings they would turn to like the Angel Isis, but then you had other beings like Anubis that were clearly much darker. I think siding with light -whatever form it comes in -is the best scenario. 

And just for the record, I'm seriously noticing a patter with animal-headed human "deities" being of the not-so-good variety. Examples include but are not limited to:

-The Minotaur -not a nice guy
-The Manticore -also not a nice guy
-The Winged, Goat-headed dude -definitely not a nice guy
-The "Eater of Souls" Alligator-headed guy -yah... 
-The Jackal-headed dude

So I'm going to put lioness-headed lady in that category, even though some people seem to think she was of a nicer variety of deity. The pattern I'm seeing emerge is a little too distinct: 

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