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Deja Vu + Dreams 9-2-16

Before I recollect the dreams and insights of past days, gots to talk about TODAY. 

So was still pretty upset about the whole suggestion box thing -made worse by adding more to the now 4 page long word doc. I've got going of them. So I went on a hunt today for the alleged suggestion box in the cafeteria are...

Do you see it???

How about now??? 

Good to know my thoughts and opinions are truly valued and will be taken into deep consideration... 

Dream 8/25: Dream Part 1: My step-sister Sarah wanted a new fish and we went to a fish store and passed by a koi pond and huge tanks of different fish. Then we came across some vibrantly colored fish and that’s when Sarah spotted the Dogfish. It had the face of a dog and its front fins resembled paws. It could come out of the water for brief periods of time and run move around. Sarah decided to get 2 kinds of dogfish. I think this dream was meant to represent that fish have more personality than we give them credit for and are capable of the kinds of bonds we tend to share with cats and dogs.

Dream Part 2: There were many people in the South that were having a party in this bog park. There were lots of different kinds of people –including people of different races. Then a bunch of soldiers decided to attack them with canons and bombs kind of out of nowhere. One man –who was kind of noted for being strong and fending people –was knocked out before the attack began and was in a kind of comma. When he woke up he was surrounded by man bodies ripped apart and the sight of his friends laying dead.

He immediately started to gather people to retaliate an attack. I knew fighting back was a mistake as I saw this because there was an option to talk with the people from the army, but he went full force and started fighting back. I understood that God had purposely kept him unconscious because he would have died himself had he been running around at that time and he was needed to lead people and take control of the situation.

Turned corner as the battle started and gun shots were flying everywhere and I came across a guy eating some corn he had come across. He started roasting it and eating it off the cob and I could taste it very vividly in my mouth. I think this part of the dream was meant to show that SOUL can taste and has that kind of sentience. In Heaven, you can taste things.

Dream 8/26: Dream Part 1: So Blake Shelton popped up a lot last week kind of out of nowhere. I don’t follow him on social media, and although I think he’s cool I don’t keep up on what he’s up to outside of hearing he’s marrying Gwen Stefani. I had this dream about him and the next day saw him featured on the cover of a magazine while shopping at Walgreens. Don’t know why he’s coming up, but I think it matters.

In the dream I was at his house, which was very “southern” in a homey sense of the word and had many rooms with items of sentimental value throughout. As I was walking I was being told that a relative of his had just died and he was really depressed and sad about it. Then I went online and saw a bunch of people hating on Blake for some reason and he kept giving snarky responses back. I felt bad for him and wrote him a message on Twitter even though I didn’t think he'd end up seeing it. I basically told him Hate is never something to be deemed Wise and not to get distracted by people who let their souls devolve to that state. I told him he was loved and was a good man and not to let those qualities seem negotiable because other people mistakenly believed that they were. I prayed for him in the dream. And when I woke up from the dream I prayed for him. Don’t know why he popped up, but I’d rather ask he be taken care of than not.

Dream Part 2: I was at my dad’s old house in San Jose overlooking the view of the city from his balcony. It was raining and there were lots of woods and pine trees around. Then snow fell and for a moment I thought I was back in Colorado since it never snows in that part of California.

Then somehow I ended up in Oakdale, CA out in the country and I was walking through a bunch of orchards. It was the dead of summer and everything was hot and dry as bone. I looked at the earth and felt pain and the soil was like cement and I knew nothing would grow there. California’s definitely struggling environmentally right now. I think God wanted to remind me of that. Just because you leave a place doesn’t mean its issues go away or are intended to be forgotten.

Dream Part 3: I visited with my mom and she mostly just nagged me about wanting to follow me on Twitter and Instagram –even though I’m pretty scarce on social media these days. Initially I found this annoying but then a voice came in and said, “She just wants to be close to you.” I understood that, but what separates us isn’t conversation it’s a bunch of tension and a lack of trust. Following someone on Instagram isn’t going to change the deeper, underlying issues.

Dream Part 4: My Uncle Randy –who I’ve been sensing a lot of this month –was in the hospital and we were visiting him. He had been diagnosed with 4 different kinds of mental illness (like schizophrenia) and it was leading him to become homeless and wander the streets. My grandma was there and she was very direct with the nurses and wanted to make sure he was very taken care of. I thought it was great seeing her look after him because I felt her connection to him and that love.

It kind of sounds weird but when you love 2 members of your family and you see them love each other that same way as well it kind of reminds you, “Oh yah, they have this same connection too!”

While in that hospital, the nurse said it was time for me to get my MRI taken. I stepped into the machine –which did look like the one I went into the next day –and then some lights went on, things got super bright, and I sort of teleported. I kept calling out to God and the Holy Spirit to protect me and make sure I was ok. Not exactly a great dream to be having before you go into an MRI the next morning.

Dream 8/27: I dreamed I had golden wings and was flying around this beautiful paradise of beaches and towers. Then night fell and there was some sort of tournament game occurring –kind of like the Olympics, but not based in sport. The “bad guys” which were criminals and men who were darker in soul were set to compete against angelic beings and divine people of light.

At one point it was my turn and I played a game of cards publicly in an arena against one of the “bad men”. The cards consisted of totem animals and various saints and angels –like my angel cards. Each time the opponent put down a negative card you had to meet him with a card of equal or greater value. Then the guy cheated and I saw him cheat and then stopped playing to go out of my way to show he had cheated. By the time I got back to the game and proved he had cheated to everyone, nobody cared including me and I went back to playing.

Déjà vu 8/30/16: I’ve had numerous instances of Déjà vu at work. This one in particular was very profound. Last week I met a woman who was talking to me about different non-profits and asked if Mile High United Way was partnered with them. One in particular was called CASA and basically advocated for abused children in the legal system so they wouldn’t be returned to abusive situations. I wasn’t sure so I told her I’d look into it. Turns out we’re not –which sucks.

Then as I’m wandering along the internet looking for something I come across another United Way in Colorado and land on their website. The page I’m on shows all the non-profits they affiliate with in their area and 2 scrolls of the mouse and I find CASA.

CASA of the Ninth

Court Appointed Special Advocates, CASA of the Ninth is a nonprofit organization that provides court appointed advocates to abused and neglected children in Colorado’s Ninth Judicial District (Garfield, Pitkin and Rio Blanco Counties). CASA volunteers are appointed by judges to watch over and advocate for abused and neglected children, to ensure they don’t get lost in the overburdened legal and social service system or languish in inappropriate group or foster homes. Volunteers stay with each case until it is closed and the child is placed in a safe, permanent home.
Learn More  (970) 987-4332

I immediately had this overwhelming sense of, “OH MY GOD. This is IMPORTANT.” I feel like I’m meant to insist –not just suggest –that this United way partner with them. Child abuse is something that should never be tolerated in any form and we should all that we can to see these kids are protected.

Déjà vu 8/31/16: A couple weeks ago we went to Garden of the Gods by Manitou Springs. While driving around there we passed by this Cog Railway station and I told my dad –who loves trains –we should go there. He decided that it would be best to come there later and ride the train. Then 2 days later we see a commercial for a train railway in Durango that people could ride around on and wanted to go there.

2 days ago we received an InKind donation from Pikes Peak Cog Railway from Manitou Springs. 2 admission tickets. I thought, “Whoa, crazy coincidence.”

Yesterday while driving a new way to work to evade traffic I see a HUGE billboard I’d never passed by before for… The Cog Railway!

Still not sure whether I’m meant to go to that specific railway or just ride a train in general, but I think I NEED to go on one. There must be something I’m meant to bear witness to, understand, or lend help for.

Déjà vu 9/1/16: 2 weeks ago there was a day where in the morning Gene Wilder and Willy Wonka kept popping up in my head for no reason. I acknowledged it was weird so pretty much told my brain to stop being stupid. Then when I found out a couple days ago he died, I was like, “OH. Maybe I should have paid that more attention.” Which is why I’m posting about Michael J. Fox right now.

The same thing happened with him a couple days ago. The movie Life with Mickey popped up and I started remembering Michael J. Fox and all the movies and how he was getting up in ages and had Parkinson’s… Then I told my brain to stop being random. Last night the kid’s movie Stuart Little –which I don’t even like that much only saw once a longgggg time ago-popped up and I didn’t know why. Then I remembered, “Oh yah, Michael J. Fox was the voice of the mouse.”

I realllllyyyyyyy don’t want anything bad to happen to MJFox. I’ll be pissed. That man needs to stay put here. He is too beloved an actor/human being to leave us.

So I thought, maybe I’m being led to pray for him, his HEALTH, and his wellbeing to make sure he’s looked out for.

If anything happens with him I’ll be so pissed…

Weird Occurrence 9-1-16:
Was sitting on my computer getting kind of frustrated and completely focused on all these businesses I have to follow-up with the request InKind donations…

Then I swear it was like a parent looking over a little kids shoulder, I felt this weight lift from above my head and I kind of looked up and it was like someone was watching me from above and I didn’t know why or what was going on. Then out of nowhere I get this vivid flashback to being in kindergarten sitting on the ground playing with toy dinosaurs completely in my own little world. And I get that feeling again, like I’m still just sitting around on the ground in my own bubble world unaware of what’s going on around me.

Then it occurs to me –me working at a computer at a 9 to 5 job looks like a little kid in a classroom in kindergarten to God.

We’re still just children in His eyes playing imaginary games caught up in our own little bubble world –focused so intently on things that don’t ultimately amount to much.

Just biding time in suits and meetings playing “adult”.

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