Sunday, September 25, 2016

Angel Cards # I Lost Track -Let's Call It 24

Doreen Virtue has been especially on-point this week for me with her angel cards. Part of me feels like this happened because it was NEEDED. Mercury was in the peak of its Retrograde and I have different theories about what that is and why it happens, but all can agree it means more Negativity arises and pulls people down. 

I also noticed I was basically living out my up/down rollercoaster chart I drew a week or 2 ago: 

Now that the week's over I can accurately depict who going through this felt: 

Thankfully now things are headed in a VERY upward direction in terms of positive spiritual energy. Now's the time to request "Abundance" -ask for things to come about that make you feel like you are full and taken care of. 

Here's Doreen's Angel Care guidance through this transitional week of highs and lows. P.S. -the other issue with retrograde I noticed is random mishaps occurring that are annoying and troublesome. Car wrecks happen a lot more things go missing, you trip, you run into things, you spill your coffee -stuff like that. Clumsy awkward mishaps. 

Doreen 9-19-16: 

As usual, I initially ignored Doreen's good advice. But by Friday when I felt released and empowered it really hit me: Eat Fruit STUPID. I suddenly had a deep craving and desire for healthy food and I KNEW I would buy healthy food to eat for lunch for the next week. I bought salad, bananas, apples, and avocados. Nothing from a can. I need the straight-up good stuff. 

Doreen 9-20-16:

This was an issue I was having. I'm trying to discern what I want while simultaneously trying to figure out what I'm meant for while simultaneously trying to figure out what God wants me to be doing. And it was Mercury in Retrograde where nothing was clear and everything was confusing. 

Finally at the end of it I came to this revelation: "What would you do if you KNEW you would succeed at any path you pursued?" And immediately I knew, "I would choose my path VERY carefully." I don't want to succeed at being a doctor -even if I could. It's not my calling or what I want to be doing. 

Doreen 9-22-16:

This whole week is about visualizing abundance and getting clear on what you want/need. So I did. I like visualizing abundance. I picture myself in the place I want to be with the things I feel I need and I immediately get this sense of relief. I came to the conclusion that $44,000 a year would be a contented income for me. And being somewhere in/near the woods. Animals. Healthy food to eat. These are my necessities. 

Doreen 9-23-16:

Kids keep coming up, and part of it is because the non-profit that I work for and a lot others ones affiliated work with kids. They work with young children learning to read and they work with at-risk youth trying to overcome past pains and find their way to a great future. It's also because I was amazed that there ARE so many non-profit institutions across the U.S.A that are working so hard to protect, nurture, care for, and prevent harm to children. Child abuse is one of the most disturbing painful realities we have to face as human race. It exists. It happens. There's actually one non-profit that goes into schools and educates young children on abuse, how to identify it, and what to do if it happens to them in any form. I worry for kids and yet I know they are being taken care of. I think it's where God is at on things. He has led people to acknowledging, facing, and now attempting to prevent pains inflected upon children. 

Doreen 9-24-16:

I saw this image and I was like YES!!! We are there right now! Stupid Mercury and that drowning, sinking feeling of being powerless and overwhelmed is gone! There was some serious relief and release going on spiritually at this time, which was great. 

Doreen 9-25-16:

I feel like once the pathways were made clear there was this immediate understanding of, "Ok give me all your concerns and what you seek to have in the future so we can provide for you..." kind of message coming from Heaven. They want to help and guide and it's easiest when you're in alignment with them so they can be in alignment with you and bringing about the best outcomes. I think it takes time and clarity for them to bring things about -which is why you should tell them not just what you want/need right now, but what you're aiming for in the future. 

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