Sunday, September 4, 2016

Angel Cards #20 + Internet Messages

Did a little meditation session today because although I feel my soul is getting stronger and more amazingly in sync with Heaven, my mind and my body are still kind of lagging behind.

First 2 cards that popped up matched in color -which happens a lot when I do this and kind of hints at FATE.

At first I was like, "What new partner?" But then I remembered I'm supposed to start meeting with Tracy the super-spiritual woman who's going to try to help me align more with my body.

As for the past, I find past pains come up in present wounds I see reflected in the world. It's hard to have a deep, spiritual wound heal when you see that same pain being inflicted day to day on other people. But I am getting better at just praying, handing the situation over to God, and knowing ultimately it will be ok. 

The second set of cards matched in color, again. 

MEDITATE MORE is the primary encouragement being given. I'll leave for work without doing it thinking it's not needed that badly and it kind of is -every single day. 

The next card drawn was an image of an Angel helping a man draw/write by channeling through and guiding him. That's when I saw the first vision/symbol pop in my head. It's of 2 hands holding a sphere and I'm pretty sure it's a woman holding her stomach/baby. It came to me again more vividly and it definitely appeared to be a woman's body. 

The next image was an Angelic woman with wings and veryyyyy longgggg hair with a golden crown. It was clear she was the one sent to help me. The setting behind her kind of looked like this:

Annie Stegg - "The Forest Procession"

Then I remembered another image I drew about a month ago that was very similar to the womb image drawn today: 

I don't know why "baby" keeps coming up, but there's definitely a divinely planned pregnancy happening at some point. Don't know if it's mine or somebody else's -or how many years it might be from now -only that it's very significant. 

Then there were the past messages from the internet this week:

1. Messages that the Soul Speaks

2. God is Coming Through for You

3. Racism is One Soul Failing to Recognize Another

3. Animals have Soul. ALL Souls are Sacred. 

Dimitria Milan - Running The Distance

4. 9-to-5 Jobs + Non-Profits

5. Divine Images

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