Monday, July 25, 2016

Updates on Life and Internet Wisdom

I feel like I've got several different lives right now. There's my spiritual life, which is doing pretty great right now and growing and then there's health-life and financial life that aren't doing so good. I hate the health/financial stuff but it is kind of relevant since it's the medium in which we find ourselves painting with on Earth to a pretty great extent. But in no way do I want soul to be shadowed by body. 

This morning I woke up and kind of had a mini-breakthrough spiritually. I visualized myself being in an empowered spiritual state and giving to people in need. I immediately FELT this kind of weight shift in my mind and it seemed like light was coming through. It then kind of hit me, "How have I GIVEN lately?" I had this sense of a kind of regret not being able to GIVE more to the world. If money was no object i'd definitely be volunteering at nonprofits with great frequency. I have this deep desire to contribute to the world and give back through compassion and creativity. It's one of the reasons I've sought to work at a non-profit. 

But how it hit me, "Who can I serve today?" and "How can I contribute and GIVE as God would lead me to?" -it was pretty profound. I felt it like a necessity and a compulsory instinct to find a way to give. But the only way I'm doing that today is mostly by doing PHB-work basically making a website sketch. Not very many opportunities to give in the state that I'm in. 

And then there was another understanding that hit, "Take care of yourself." I keep acting like my body/being doesn't matter, only what I want to achieve and I keep trying to rush out of this situation instead of taking time and relaxing more. Like a bird that tries to fly before its wings are fully developed -you don't get far. 

But the internet has been kind lately. KIND being the most frequent word I've come across. I've mostly evaded the trappings of human tragedy that are inevitably unfolding on the news feeds of Twitter and Facebook. I know the world's pains, they aren't new. I pray over them as I come across them but I need to rise above being dragged down by this depressing notion that we're all sinking and beyond hope. Yes there are issues in the world, but there is also a lot of GOOD not being shown. Stay to the light. 

Here's this past weeks messages the internet has given: 

Message 1: Be KIND

Message 2: Go Beyond and Find Yourself in Wonder

Message 3: Society Has a Tendency to Impose Pains and Ignorance Upon a People -Don't Fall Prey 

Message 4: Seek and Give Love, Divide from No One

Message 5: Seek Creativity and Understanding Beyond Yourself -This Will Lead to Growth and Unity 

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