Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Dream - Law v. Nonviolence

I've had 2 dreams in the past 2 days and so my goal is to track them and then share them when I've accumulated enough. However the universe isn't that organized and methodical so last night I had a dream that I felt deeeeeeply compelled to write about today somewhat out-of-order. 

7/26: The dream began with my sister and I painting the exterior of a house in a nice suburb area. We were literally painting it -not with house paint -but with actual oil paints and watercolor paints. My aunts were nearby hanging out with us admiring our work. 

At one point I walked away to go get something and I came back I was wearing a robe over my shorts and t-shirt because I had my catheter in and didn't want anyone to see it. You could kind of tell that there was something bulky underneath the robe, but there wasn't anyone around and I didn't think anyone would care. 

Then out of nowhere a policeman walks up to me and says very abruptly, "What's under the robe???!" And I was just kind of confused, like, "What's the big deal". But he starts reaching for his gun and acting like I'm a terrorist with a detonation device on and I kind of roll my eyes at him and try to walk away. He sort of follows behind and keeps asking me, "What's under there" and makes it seem like he's going to take my robe from me. I was completely baffled why I was being accused of harm by someone acting like they were about to enact harm against me when I wasn't harmful at all. 

I then make it back to my aunts, kind of troubled by what had happened, and that's when I met this guy friend of there's named Tom. Tom said, "Have you heard about the new children's book that's out?" I said, "No..." and he said, "Well it's a very popular book and it's making a lot of people talk." And I asked why and he said, "Because the message of the book is pretty profound and even some adults are amazed by it." At that point I was thinking, I'm not going to read that book any time soon, so I asked him, "What's it about?" 

He then asks me, "Which is more important LAW or NON-VIOLENCE?"

I thought about it and came to my conclusion pretty quickly, "Non-violence." 

"Why non-violence?" he asked in a kind of approving way.

I said, "There are laws against people committing murder for example, but people commit murder anyway. You can also use rape as an example. We have laws against rape, but a culture that perpetuates it and a system that doesn't hold criminals accountable to the law. So what good does law do if individual people choose to enact violence. It would be better to encourage Society and Individuals not to enact Violence in the first place and hold THEMSELVES accountable instead of relying on the government to do so." 

I said, "It's not that Laws are bad, they try to help, but the deeper underlying issue is people Choosing violence where they could just as easily be raised and led not to." 

I woke up form this dream thinking, "Damn. That was profound." It's not that I haven't come to that conclusion before, which is probably why I reached it so quickly in my dream, but it seemed as if it was a Message I was meant to speak to and convey. 

People think that forcing people to act like they're supposed to is the way when in reality leading a person to decide for themselves that acting positively is genuinely the better way has deeper, more effective results. 

This also triggered thoughts about the upcoming election. Spent a good part of yesterday reviewing commentary about the Republican and Democratic conventions as well as interviews with the candidates and their V.P.s. 

It seems like Trump in particular in his speech emphasized LAW and enacting a System to keep things in order. But at the same time a lot of his speeches have incited and even encouraged Violence. In some cases it was violence against foreign enemies and in others it was against domestic members of our own society. 

Hillary on the other hand insights more of Social Policy -of treating people right and ensuring freedoms of others. Occasionally she'll veer into "law" talk about governmental policies she wants to enact, but she doesn't do it as fervently as Trump. 

I think it was an indication that although Trump may seem appealing to some people in part because of the corruption issues surrounding Hillary she never quite seems to address, ultimately Trump's reign would be far more tumultuous and would spur a great deal of trouble and incivility.  

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