Friday, July 15, 2016

Angel Cards #18

Went to the Hospital last week and got out on Monday. Been pretty tired and not able to go on the computer until now. Have a lot of stuff to share about hospital trip, but for now I'll stick with the Angel Card updates. 

Doreen July 2nd

This card was about breaking away from drama and separating self from negativity. There was family drama that arose -2 family members that officially severed kind of out of the blue. And someone tried pulling me into that nonsense but since I've been through that crap before I basically just told myself, "It's there issue not mine. If they want to be stupid and sever that doesn't have to affect me and my relationship with both of them. They will regret this, but I don't have to be a part of this." 

Doreen July 3rd 

This one was actually for my sister who asked me the week before if I could help her with a graphic manga book she's working on. Mostly ideas for advertising it. 

Doreen July 4th

I actually had a dream about healing that night, which is pretty awesome. 

Doreen July 5th 

Doreen went on a "home" tangent last week that was all about clearing space in home and getting connected to home. Ironically I left home for 3 days and was in a hospital, so the Home theme she was picking up on didn't really apply to me. 

Then as far as teamwork, it was hard working with my friend Jos on our weekly check-in because I started getting sick that day and it got so bad that I had to cut our session early. 

Doreen July 6th

This was the day my sickness hit. Spent the bulk of the night drawing on spiritual strength to try and "heal" the pain -which worked here and there, but didn't alleviate the issue. 

Doreen July 7th

I was in a LOT of pain. But tried to stay "afloat" from the negative. Being sick makes you reach out to God as if you were sinking and His hand were the only thing keeping you from drowning. 

Doreen July 10th 

This was my second day in the hospital. It's amazing how depressed you can get in a place like that. I was feeling pretty alone, so I decided to turn my tablet on and the only thing I wanted to see was what Doreen had posted that day. And it was HEALING. I actually made a comment on the post on Instagram. I keep thinking I'm meant for spiritual healing, but I guess it was intended humbling to remind ourselves EVERYONE needs to be healed and cared for. 

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