Friday, July 1, 2016

Angel Cards #17

Doreen June 25th

This card was interesting because this was the day I went to the Arts and Authors Festival. I met numerous people there who had animal cards for sale and one person who claimed to have "spiritual animal communication" cards where you could actually get your pet to choose the cards to see what they're thinking/feeling. Sometimes this stuff gets a little too "out there" for me. 

But then I went to Nancy Rynes art show the next day and had the spiritual validity of animals affirmed. It interesting to note Nancy actually became a vegan after her experience in Heaven and stressed the inter-connection between all beings. 

Doreen June 27

This card was supposed to mean "Clarity of Life Purpose" coming through. Definitely have been getting repetitive reminders I'm meant to spiritual connect with animals on some level. Still not sure how all of that is going to work out, but it's in God's hands so it'll come about on its own at some point. 

Doreen June 28

God I hate money. It's such a stupid necessity. But for whatever reason on this particular day I actually felt pretty calm/ relaxed/ assured about money because I got this sense God was going to take care of things and lead me in the right direction. 

Doreen June 29

To be honest I have NO idea what these 2 cards are speaking to. It'd be nice if I was able to afford my own place in the next couple of weeks or the next month so that the second card can be validated... we'll see on that one. As for courage... haven't really felt courageous this week and also haven't really felt the need. Been pretty busy. 

Doreen June 30th

So there has been a theme running for the past 2 or 3 days now that I've been picking up on about Freeing YOURSELF from worry/ doubt/ fear... Specifically the sense that other people are going to put you down or have some say over your life. Your life is in your own hands and it's ultimately in God's. 

Doreen July 1st 

This card re-affirmed the previous day's theme and also denoted "self care" which I'm picking up on right now with the sense of taking it easy and not stressing. 

Other Messages:

I've gotten 3 kinds of messages this week outside of the cards. One clearly has to do with animals and the sacred, inherent value of their lives. The second has to do again with Freeing Yourself and moving beyond limitations. The last were recent dreams I've had that were insightful in different ways. 

#1 Animal Souls

Dolphins, Orca Whales, and sea life has been popping up a lot. Maybe because its Shark Week. Not sure. Not a big fan of sharks so maybe the messages are manifesting through other aquatic animals...

(actual image of baby dolphin)
(Totum Animal painting for The Golden Compass 
-this is an animal spirit that accompanies a human)

#2 Freeing Yourself from Limitations/Doubts -Finding Your True Self

(DestinyBlue - Trust)
(Wenqing Yan - Caged Heart)
(Rovina Cai - In Search of Flowers)

#3 Two Dreams

-Had a dream several days ago that was sort of brief. I dreamt I was in the middle of a large group of people. They were arguing over something and at one point I said, "I can fix this..." Then a white light came from my hands and the energy that emulated from it was a calming, soothing peace. Everyone was then "appeased" emotionally and let go of their troubles. 

Then someone turned to me and said, "What about them?" And I looked over and there was a desertscape where a large army of men had amassed. I then proceeded to walk up to the entire army with its many rows of soldiers and then let the light come from my hands again so they too could have and understand peace.

-Had a dream Wednesday night that was kind of foretelling. I had a dream my parents had divorced and one definitely lived out in California and had a gun and the other I got the sense lived in another state. I was worried that the parent with the gun -my mother -would commit murder and we ended up getting in an argument. 

I woke up from the dream thinking, "I haven't worried about family issues in a while, why is this coming up now?" The next day my step-dad called and said he was passing through Colorado and wanted to have dinner with me. so last night we met up and he filled me in on his recent trip to California. 

He's still having issues with my mom over the property stuff, although all his other things have been moved out since the divorce has lasted a while now. My mom, I found out, is now the owner of a Pistol AND a Riffle. I sincerely fear for my step-father's well being. 

Apparently my mom has since been spreading lies about my step-dad and trying to get his friends to turn on him. Not sure what lie in particular she's been spreading but my step-dad has fewer and fewer people he can turn to out in California now. Glad he moved out of state to Arkansas. 

I swear if there were a law that said "If 10 family members and close friends provided statements and possible evidence for reasons they legitimately believed someone they were close to should NOT be in ownership of a gun then the gun(s) would be taken..." my ENTIRE family would be on it. 

My mom has at LEAST a bipolar disorder, has lied to EXTREME extents numerous times, is an Alcoholic, has THREATENED people with harm, and has shown tendencies towards "Vengeance". She is not the kind of person you would want to own a gun. To the extent that should I ever go out there and visit again, I'll be staying with my grandma who had the locks purposely changed on her house when she first heard my mom bought a gun. 

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