Friday, July 22, 2016

A Month of Many Dreams: 7-03 to 7-23

7/03: I had a dream about money that I wrote about, but don't actually remember very well. Basically the message of the dream was to invest money wisely when enough was accumulated to spend. 

7/04: Had a 2 part dream. Part 1 consisted of me being in some kind of bar/restaurant. I saw a man being dragged away by 2 other men and new they intended harm so I stepped in, raised my hand/palm to them, and commanded that they release him and they did. After sensing this spiritual strength coming through I was then shocked to turn around and find another man whose eyes had been burned out with wounds on his body. At first I was surprised/worried but then I remembered I could heal him at any time and that he would be taken care of. 

Part 2 of the dream consisted of a house rolling down a great hill towards a lake. Various animals started coming to me from the surrounding woods and I realized they were intended to go into the house and that it would float on the lake. I was sort of a mini version of Noah there for a second. 

7/05: Had a dream I was in my bed in my room (which is kind of frightening when that happens because I am in my bed in my room unconscious) and a negative entity started to try to hurt me and strangle me. I felt powerless and like there was nothing I could do so in my dream I called out to Jesus. Then this light came through and I heard this voice behind me say, "I am with you" and the fear I had vanished and I felt calmed/assured. The entity then disappeared as if it had never been there. 

7/09: Another 2 part dream. Part 1 consisted of aliens. I've been having an increase in these kinds of dreams and it's always the same pattern. I'll be at home, aliens will come down, I'll freak out and try to run away as will my family, I then see the aliens and they're actually nice and calm, and I feel like an idiot for running away from them in fear. 

Part 2 of the dream consisted of me wandering around my neighborhood and coming across a bunny I instantly wanted to catch, pick up, and bring home, and my dog Treasure who I then led back home. This is another kind of pattern emerging in my dreams. Coming across domesticated or nearly-domesticated animals and wanting to take them in. 

7/10: This was one of the more prolific dreams I had while in the hospital. My dreams in the hospital were particularly vivid. This dream was actually a 3 part dream that was pretty long and involved. 

Part 1: I'm in a mystic/spiritual bookstore with my friend Nina. she comes across some angel cards and asks me if I want one. I say I already have about 50 sets of them so I'm good. She draws a card for me from the deck and it's this white dove that has the word "Symphony" or something on it which I decide doesn't have much to do with me since it doesn't relate to anything. 

(Came across this image July 4th):

I then come across a book on ghosts and how to deal with them. Nina seems drawn to darker kinds of spiritually related things, so I'm pretty sure she would like the book. I didn't want the book for myself since I pretty much decided I had, "Been there -done that" with everything to do with ghosts, but then a section of the book opened on how to cross over depressed/sad ghosts with comfort and it was clear I needed to know about that. 

I then wander to another part of the store and there's an art gallery showing depictions of Hell as it can be found on Earth and Heaven. Then someone came up to me and said, "This is what you're meant to do. You've already shown the distinctions between Heaven and Hell on earth with writing and art -aside from the stuff you wrote about Trump and Hillary, this is what you're meant to do..." 

Part 2: I was in a magical forest and I came across a fairy. The fairy had a large dragon captured and locked away and it was suffering. I asked why the fairy did that and she said the dragon had lied to her and wronged her so she punished him for a long time. I said, "don't you think he's been punished enough? Shouldn't you consider forgiving him now?" The fairy then agreed and I then healed the dragon and set it free. 

Part 3: At a party at my parent's house the dogs were outside and it was raining, so I let them back in and the cat because I was worried about them. I then grabbed a towel and started cleaning them up. The other party guests kind of looked at me like I was crazy for focusing on the animals, but I didn't care. I was only focused on their well-being. 

7/12: Another 2 part dream. Part 1 consisted of my friend creating and selling coloring books for around $35 to $50 dollars. I then decided that was wayyyyy too expensive and committed to selling my coloring book for only $8. Part 2 consisted of me trying to run from a tarantula whose web line was caught on me. Every time I ran from it, it dragged behind me and I wanted to kill it, but decided not to. I finally managed to sever the line and it left and I was glad I hadn't killed it. 

7/14: There was a trans guy (a woman who had changed to be a man) in the street and a group of people I believed would intend the guy harm. I decided pretty instinctually to look after the trans guy, even though I didn't know him, and protect him from the gang of people by taking him down a safer street away from them. 

7/15: Another 2 part dream. Part 1 consisted of a group of people quoting a Biblical passage in which Jesus murdered a King named Saol who wanted to enact harm against Him. I was immediately confused and said, "What?! Jesus didn't kill anybody!" They said, "Well that's what the Bible says so..." I then proceeded to explain to them the fact that the Bible had been transcribed by hand by many laymen many millenia ago and then many other people in numerous translations after that. It is inevitable that some things would be written incorrectly and some things may have even been purposely changed. Not ALL parts of the Bible are concretely reliable of for no other reason than human error. There are truths in the Bible AND there are miss-writings. 

Part 2 of the dream consisted of me going to an office building for the company "Think Progress". I liked the vibe/energy of the company and saw they had an admin position open so I applied for it. It felt like I was meant to work there. 

7/16: I had a dream that I started working with my friend Nina in Whole Foods -where she's working now. Apparently a Petco was right next door so on my break I went over to Petco to visit with the animals. While there I started "collecting" fish, a hamster, a rabbit, and a mouse because I wanted to adopt them all. Then I decided I didn't have the money to afford to take care of them or the time to spend with them, so I didn't end up getting them. 

7/17: I dreamed I was in some sort of strange, futuristic planet. A plane took off because the base had been taken over by demonic beings. A large, shadow demon then proceeded to harm me. We faced off and a winged unicorn appeared along with a great light and the entity was dissipated. I then felt no fear with the prospect of facing the many lesser demons around. I then reclaimed the base and drove out the negative beings. 

7/18: I don't remember this dream well, but I know I came across a woman who thought she was having demon issues. She seemed Egyptian AND Native American. I gave her some angel cards, some books, and told her should could call on me whenever she wanted to. I prayed for her. I basically gave her a spiritual "starter-kit". 

7/21: I dreamed there was a woman performing magic tricks/circus acts with a great white shark underwater kind of like you would a dolphin. I then dreamed that I burned a mixed CD for my step-sister Sarah because she requested it. It felt like we were closer together and hanging out again like we used to. 

Came across these picks on the internet 2 days ago. I think it's speaking to the same thing as far as the shark goes. Do not fear animals as if there were inherently dangerous or evil...

7/22: Had a dream that there were 2 stores -one at street level the other on a second floor that were basically window shops on a side street. The store below was very bright and had warm shop owners working there. They sold mostly clothes and a few angel cards. The shop above was kind of dark, dreary, and old in need of repair. they sold only spiritual items and many angel cards. I worked for the shop above and the main issue they had was money and not getting very many customers. The shop below on the other hand had issues with negative entities -they had 7 entities come through in one day and they were fearful and didn't know what to do. I wanted to help them and show them how to address their issue, but I worked for the store above and couldn't spend much time with them. 

I think this dream was metaphorical with several messages. #1 Don't get distracted by spiritual practices and forget you ARE spiritual. Also, people who focus mentally on spirituality may come across unique issues, like financial problems whereas people who re spiritual may find prosperity in business but conflict with negative entities. These 2 separate issues could be coming about because of 2 different aspects of a person's focus and being. 

Mentally-oriented = STRESS RELATED PROBLEMS to distract and wound the mind. 

Spiritually-oriented = SPIRITUAL CONFLICT with NEGATIVITY or Negative Beings. 

7/23: Had a dream my sister, my dad, and my step-mom where at a desert bakery that was pretty large. All aisles had cookies, cakes, muffins, cupcakes... And my sister came up to me and said, "Try this". It was some kind of bread that had sugar-coated raspberries and blackberries in it. I tasted it and felt the texture of the bread. I literally could taste it, even though it was a dream. 

I then reached for a chocolate frosted cupcake and someone came by and took it from me. Then one of the workers at the bakery said, "Oh I'll see if we have more of those...". After a little while she came back and handed me the cupcake. Then a guy who was with our group grabbed the cupcake and started taking out chunks of it and eating it. It was kind of frustrating but I just kind of decided to let it go. 

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