Friday, September 25, 2015

What About Bugs?

So I gained clarity about plants and the spiritual nature of nature. But then I wondered about bugs. Because I'm cool with butterflies, rolly pollies, earwigs, ladybugs... but I draw a hard line of spiders. 

I adopted a new spider policy after my spiritual experience and said, "I will let you live as long as you pose no harm to me." But it's been a challenge. Especially since my new friend Nina hates bugs and has called on me several times already to kill them since she won't face them. I do pray over them when I do kill them because still not Entirely Certain about the spiritual implications. It's not like you'll "go to Hell" for it -because nobody has to go to Hell who chooses Heaven anyway. But I am concerned about Pain. Does it feel Pain? Am I bringing it Pain? Pain being the Universal Enemy we all must bring Peace to. 

I asked this question to God several times over the course of 4 days. Then something happened...

I went out to the pool (back at my former abode) and went to grab a towel hanging on the table. Then I noticed a really big, tan, creepy spider the size of a quarter. I had nothing to kill it with, and it was potentially lethal, so I picked up the "safe" end of the towel and threw the whole thing in the pool. The towel slowly sank near the pools edge, but the spider started climbing up its own web from under the water. It reached the surface from this web. So I pulled on the towel and dragged it away from the spider so the spider was floating alone on top of the water.

I assumed it would drowned at that point. But then it started doing this weird thing. It began WEAVING A WEB under itself. It could then "stand" on the web as it was being weaved. As the spider did this a "ripple" effect occurred around it in the shape of a perfect sphere echoing out.

I thought, "Clever Girl..." The spider Instinctually knew to weave the web. And this confused me because spiders are NON-water based organisms. WHY would there be any random instinct so beautifully engineered for the spider to call upon in a situation that involved floating on water??? For me it was a sign that: If God wants something to live or something to succeed at life, He will find a way. This little being was meant to live. Through nature. Through genetics. Through Instincts. Through God-given abilities I hadn't even conceived of. 

I'm still not certain about the sentient-point of spiders or insects. But I do know they are Creations. They are hear for a Reason. They should be given respect and they do have some kind of spiritual nature to them which should also be acknowledged and appreciated. 

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