Friday, September 25, 2015

Religion v.Theology v. Spiritual Knowing

Almost got into a Theological debate with my step mom. She told my friend Nina and I not to say the name "Jesus" in vain around her sister who is Mormon and very religious. Then Nina asked, "What do you think God thinks about it?" because Nina does say "Jesus" a lot when she does things like stubbing her toe or knocking something over accidentally. 

My step-mom then said, "Well you're not supposed it, it's against God."

And I said, "Jesus is caring and understanding and will know your true intentions aren't against Him."

An my step-mom said, "No. It's actually a Commandment. Jesus might FORGIVE you afterwards, but it's still a sin."

I then shut up because I didn't want to argue. I just looked at Nina and kind of said, "That's the difference..."

That's the difference between Religious Interpretations and Spiritual Understanding. Jesus doesn't just "forgive" people -He is a couple steps beyond that. He UNDERSTANDS people. He is THERE when they do things -positive or negative -and Understands WHY they do things. It's one of the reasons He's in the position to say "I Forgive You". But Jesus doesn't just FORGIVE blindly. He EXPLAINS compassionately. 

He says, "I know you took my name in vain -I was there when you stubbed your toe. I feel NO hatred or anger towards you, Only understanding. I wish you PEACE and LOVE as I always have. You can ask for my Forgiveness if you want, but you already have my UNDERSTANDING, Acceptance, and Compassion. I only wish you had Peace and no need to cry out in Pain for any reason. 

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