Friday, September 25, 2015

Colorado Continued...

More to report on from Colorado:

Attempted to get my driver's license updated. No real rush since I don't have a car, but it can take up to a month to process so... Did attempt to go to the DMV. Then I found out the "DMV" system here is vastly different. They basically Split the DMV in 2 and there's one building for Driver's License/Driver's Test and another for Vehicle Registration. The "Colorado Department of Revenue" -aka Driver's License building -said I need 2 bills sent to my new address to affirm I do in fact live here. On the plus side there was NO line to get into the "CDR" and it was only a 5 minute wait. The "Jefferson County Motor Vehicle" department was similar as far as there being no lines. It was attached to the Sheriff's department because ALL vehicles being registered need to be affirmed by the local police enforcement. Interesting. 

Speaking of cars, RED lights are the for a reason people. And just because talking on CellPhones while Driving isn't Illegal here -that doesn't make it right. 5 car wrecks in 3 weeks in a small town. Damns... 

Speaking of cars again... There are about 20+ different License Plates to chose from. In California you have to pay a monthly fee of $60 to have a unique license plate, but here it's a one time fee of $50. And 90% of these license plates are for Non-Profits with the proceeds directly benefiting them. Which one to get... 

Recycling. Good news = They have it. Bad news = STILL using plastic bags at grocery stores with no paper ones in sight and they do NOT recycle the plastic bags... it makes NO sense. 

The Colorado Flag is used like a state logo. BRILLIANCE. As a graphic designer and marketing manager, I appreciate the brand awareness this state is going for. California should do the same.

Lastly I would like to mention my new found friend Nina. I have already given her 2 nicknames in my head: Mi Amiga Nina and Nina (with a tilde on the N so it translates into "child" since she's 18 and a lot younger than me). Technically she's Italian-American, but it's close enough. 

Nina was born a Pisces, but is a Cancer. She's had a rough past with a lot of darkness she still carries around and hasn't made peace with. But I feel like here the air is clear and she can really start a new life for herself and find her way. She is definitely a lot more social than I am and hates being alone/staying indoors for too long. On the plus side, I enjoy her dragging me out of my shell and being a great travelling companion to wander this new world with. 

I had deja vu and realized that I actually "foresaw" and was "told" I would meet Nina. I'm supposed to help her with my version of meditation and calling upon positive beings. She has had a negative encounter with an entity before so she fully acknowledges ghosts and is VERY curious about spirituality. Unfortunately she's where I was 10 years ago in my life with the obsession with ghost shows so you don't feel as alone in the world and kind of find yourself in a  dark place because ti was a dark spiritual experience. Basically she has tendencies towards morbidity like Edgar Alan Poe and wants to watch scary movies about serial killer monsters. 

Where I'm at now is a more enlightened place. I realized that focusing on the darkness won't help you get out of it. And there is an even stronger, more abundant force in Positivity you can draw from instead. So ghost shows are no longer my thing and talking about ghost stuff with people in general isn't something I enjoy. I've moved on. 

I also tried to tell her that I have a whole bunch of spiritual stuff figured out since I've been at this 10+ years now, but she kind of wrote me off and acted like she new as much as I did or wasn't really that interested. So I took peace and put her back in God's hands because ultimately it is His life to bring peace to directly -not mine. All I can do is give grace form distance and pray she connect to the divine beings already looking after her. She is open to religion/spiritual beliefs but to young and unfocused to commit to anything or really try to get a handle on things right now. 

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