Friday, August 7, 2015

Collection of Quotes

Been saving up thoughts and quotes for over a month now and it's time to put them down in a collective way. I also wanted to mention I've been updating my art website and working on finalizing my ongoing graphic design project for my friend Leslie's business.

But without further ado, here are my thoughts...

1) The truth is Pain exists and it's Grave. The truth is Peace exists and it's Greater. 

2) If something is spoken with force, it's not worth saying.

-Words should be like water. If someone has a barrier in their mind and refuses to adopt the water flowing from your channel of thought into theirs, accept this. In time our minds will all hold the same ocean of truth in them. 

3) Most logically-oriented people (and for lack of a better group "atheists") are only interested in mastering the understanding of the Physical plane. When they accomplish this, they feel like they can hold the power of knowledge over others and it gives them a false sense of superiority. If they believed or acknowledged that Spirituality existed, it would make the Physical plane seem obsolete and insignificant in comparison as well as provide no easy mental solution to grasping hold of ALL of the unknown spiritual truths there are out there. Hence their rejection of spirituality. Man erases God to replace God. 

4) Imagine if you gave a 5 year old the run of the house. To be in charge of cooking and cleaning, paying bills, mowing the lawn, taking care of the pets... A 5 year old could TRY to run the house, but ultimately would lack the ability to control every aspect of it. WE are children in this world. Although we TRY to control the world and influence it, we Ultimately control nothing. So much is out of and Beyond our hands. But God is like our parent. KNOW that everything is in God's hands. God can and does take care of everything -even though it can stretch the course of centuries beyond our own time, making it hard for us to see. 

5) Animals -dogs in particular -demonstrate the Alpha/Beta hierarchy of leadership. You can always tell when a dog is Beta "second in command". The Betas will try to get the most attention, stand over the other dog, bark and rough house to seem strong. they're all show. But the Alpha is calm, patient, and unwavering. Until the Alpha is pushed beyond his desire, in which case he steps into action swiftly and makes it abundantly clear -I'm in charge. 

-I think men pick up on this structure among other men. They kind of fold to this hierarchy too. You can kind of see it in the way some guys take leadership and others follow. Women on the other hand don't seem to pick up on this instinct at all in comparison. Most women act as Beta in comparison most of the time. Maybe the instinct isn't as reinforced in society as it is with men. 

6) There's a difference between having people you can depend on, and being dependent on people. 

7) It's more important to trust in People, rather than trusting in what they Say. 

-Someone in particular may lie a lot for example, but I trust that ultimately people tell the truth the majority of the time. It just means don't let negative individuals cloud your faith in humanity. 

8) A great measure of spiritual/humanitarian progress is how much joy and happiness surrounds a pregnancy and the birth of a child. 

-In other countries and in the past pregnancy itself has been condemned when out of wedlock -the pregnant woman then being shunned, shamed, and disowned. And we all know the birth of a GIRL was looked down upon almost as a tragedy. Only the births of sons were ever praised. And then children born with issues -deformities and mental impairments were quickly executed after birth, whereas know they are loved and looked after. And then there's the issue of how children are being conceived -rape and even incest being big issues we are still contending with. We have come to further realize and appreciate the inherent worth of all children (as where as the women that bear them) in our society -though there is still a ways to go...

9) Blessed Mary was ALONE in her faith in the beginning. Isolated and on the outskirts. 

-his hit me one night while laying awake in bed. She was a woman in a world that didn't care at all for them. She had experienced a miracle that no one believed. She was pregnant and at risk of being utterly abandoned. She in those moments was DEEPLY alone when it came to people around her supporting her. Only Heaven stayed beside her. ONLY God was there for her. I thin it just made me appreciate what people go through when they are genuinely spiritually connected and other people write them off as stupid or naive. It takes a lot of fortitude to believe in something you can't hold in your hand to show to others. It made me appreciate Mary more. 

10) The earth is like a mother -providing food, shelter, water, warmth and comfort to its children freely. 

-We have everything we NEED here as is. We are abundantly supplied to. It's only that humans constrain this freedom and distribute it discriminately so some get much and others get nothing. 

11) To LOVE unconditionally you must FORGIVE unconditionally and ACCEPT unconditionally. 

-One of the greatest challenges to achieving true Compassion in life... 

12) Never mistake Innocence for Ignorance. 

-I used Grease and Dirty Dancing as examples of this. In Grease, Sandy was seen as naive -which only added to her "innocence". But in Dirty Dancing, Baby made it clear that even though she seemed innocent she was NOT an idiot and WAS aware of the world and what it entailed. The media, and people for centuries, has liked to portray innocence as ignorance of worldly, "sinful" things. In reality, innocence can exist alongside full knowledge of everything there is to know. It's a STATE of BEING. A condition not contingent upon intelligence or accumulated knowledge of any kind or nature. 

13) You may have the best of intentions, but if you cannot do the best with your intentions, you'll never get far. 

14) Take care of your physical body and the bodies of others as if they were the bodies of infants because they are in God's eyes. 

15) When the reality of people's own mortality really hits them, it can sometimes inspire people to immortalize their lives through a legacy or greater cause beyond themselves and their own individual lives.

16) I gave you robes of love and you wore them like rags of hate. 

-A quote from my step-brother Trevor who may have been quoting a book or movie -not sure, just thought it was awesome. 

17) Never confuse Solidarity with Uniformity. The uniting of people does not mean the death of individual expression + diversity or the loss of free thought. 

18) If you want to stop "being lost" then clear your mind of thoughts and accept the present as is. Find YOURSELF in the moment. 

19) "Everyone wants to be the leader until you start making decisions that people don't like" -Jack on LOST

20) People are like dogs: You beat them enough times they start to believe they deserve it. 

21) "Corporate Media: The rich telling the middle class to blame the poor." -Bumpsticker 

22) ACT upon the future -not the past. But KNOW the past, not the future. 

-Meaning, carry the information of the past with you to best learn by, but act towards future embetterment -not reiterating past actions and mistakes. 

23) "Nice" is NOT the same as "Good" 

24) Sometimes the reason things you want to happen now don't occur right away is because God is holding off that things can occur at the Best time. Sometimes time is a gift you shouldn't wish away. 

25) God takes you as is. Always. 

26) Before you think to judge/ condemn/ hate/ mock/ chastise someone, remember that God always loves them FIRST before doing anything else. 

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