Thursday, March 12, 2015

Return from Internet Fasting

I spent a month off of the internet. It was getting too negative and empty for me to visit for the most part. All I want to do when I log on is answer the 5 to 10 emails I've been sent and check in on Facebook to see if any of my friends are now engaged or having a baby. That's about it. 

Anyways, since my vacation I've come across a few minor breakthroughs in spiritual understanding: 

#1 The Spiritual Nature of Nature

I was genuinely struggling with understanding how a plant could have a "spirit" and what that entailed. So I asked God to help me understand and then I was outside sitting on the ground taking in the sunlight when it finally came to me. The Earth/Ground is like a Womb. You put seeds in it and seeds blossom out. Trees are like the arms and legs of the body of the world. Oceans are like the mouth. The Earth is like a physical body -the way you can say an arm doesn't have a mind of its own but is still attached to something living and is therefore itself something "living". In kind, plants have "spirit" to them and to cut down a tree is to sever a hand from a person (but ultimately with less sentience). Meaning: Is it murder to cut down a tree? No. But at the same time nature deserves respect as one big, interconnected living organism. 

#2 Yin verses Femininity 

Yin and Yang are often regarded as gender neutral ways of saying "masculine" and "feminine". I reflected upon this and decided -NO. There is a distinct "energy" difference in a being of Yin and a being of Femininity. The best example I can use is a ghost. If you're sensing the presence of a ghost and his/her spiritual "vibe" or "energy" is graceful, peaceful, loving, and soft -that's YIN. But if you're standing there and you can distinctly tell that the presence has a Female gender to it, meaning it comes off as feminine rather than masculine -that's a gendered distinction in personality. Female/Male is the "gender" and Yin/Yang is the way energy is carried out in general. 

#3 God is in the Last 2 Inches

For a week straight and a couple times since then I've heard numerous stories of people being saved by "just an inch". 

-A guy was driving a truck and a motorcycle drove into its side. Had it been 1 foot closer to the driver he'd have died. 

-A girl fell down while walking and a nail on the ground pierced through her chest. 1 inch to the left and she'd have died instantly. 

-If her family had found her 1 hour later, the old woman would not have survived the heart attack. 

This shows an important aspect of God: He's NOT a show off. He doesn't need to go above and beyond to save a person's life. All it takes sometimes is an inch. 

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