Tuesday, December 17, 2013


My friend Maria who I met through our women's group does photos for women. Before the photoshoot, the women she photographs send images of their beauty inspiration and vision for themselves. Then during the photoshoot, their hair and makeup is done based on their inspiration and they are then posed and photographed for about a couple hours. Afterwards they are then sent a few questions to answer so their "story" can be completed and understood.

Maria asked me if I would be willing to support her portfolio by having my pictures taken last Saturday. I was also asked to fill out the inspiration board and story questions.

Give us a little snapshot of who you are.

I’m a pretty easy-going, creative person who likes helping others and connecting with people. I work as a graphic designer, marketing assistant and am involved in various groups including Toastmasters and Promote Her Business.

Who or what 3 things have helped shape you to be the woman you are today?

God would have to be the first person I’d list because every time I think of who I really want to be in life, it’s someone who’s close to Him. I’d say being an introvert has also shaped me because it taught me to look more internally for solutions and answers and has allowed me to be a greater listener in the world. Lastly I’d say my family has shaped me because it was from them that I learned the value of education, friends and family, and being there for others.

If you knew then what you know now as a woman, what would you have told your 18-year-old self?

I didn’t really know myself at that age. My mind was still kind of closed-off and in the dark and I didn’t accept myself for who I was.  It felt like I was hiding from myself and the world. The thing that really changed that was “letting go” and finding peace. If I had told myself to look for those things I’m still not sure I would have found it instantly or even understood what those things meant. So if I had to go back and tell myself something at 18 it would be to hold on and be patient because life would work out and make sense eventually.

What leadership qualities do you most admire?

I’ve always admired people who were strong-willed and determined. Nothing can stop a person who doesn’t stop themselves with their own doubts and fears. I admire people who look after others and empower the people around them.

What are you most passionate about? I’ve always been passionate about art, music, nature, and spirituality.

What is your personal motto or mission statement? My favorite quote is “Life is just a chance to grow a soul.”

 If you could share a message about beauty, self-esteem, or self-worth to other women (whether older or younger), what would that be?

I’ve found that what changed in my life when I really gained self-esteem and a better sense of self-worth was the way I treated myself when I failed. When I would make a mistake or fall short of my own expectations, I would assume myself to be a failure. But when I finally embraced who I was, when I fell short I would instead give patience and acceptance towards myself. I would reassure myself that I could still improve and that life wasn’t over and I still had time to change things. I didn’t give up on myself in those moments like I use to. My message to women would be to love themselves compassionately as they would a friend who had fallen down and needed help getting up again.

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