Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Integral Coach Check-In

So I met with Nadine on Monday and since we're kind of nearing the end of the 6 month coaching session we looked and assessed where we were at goal-wise. My goals haven't changed much from the beginning. 

My goals were: 

1. Gain physical presence and healthy body
2. Foster closer relationships with a few friends
3. Increase spiritual focus and experience 

So far those goals still haven't quite been reached. It seems like the goals I wanted for this year from the beginning (giving back to the world in a bigger way) has been achieved and I've over-extended myself in that sense with the Women's Group, Toastmasters, CCPY, and work). I'm officially making the above list my goals for 2014. Too bad I didn't come closer to achieving them this year. 

I'm going to drop CCPY after my "term" is over next year. I've learned a lot, but having the ideal of guiding a young, struggling teen and actually doing it are two different things. Reality is far less glamorous and interesting. Essentially it's just being there to listen and encourage -which is hard to do right now with my busy schedule. 

So my life coach is trying to find a way to help me make day-to-day habits that can answer to the 3 goals listed. 

1. For physicality: Learn basic stretches/yoga moves and practice them for 5 minutes in the morning or end of day. 

2. For friendships: Set aside 1 day out of the week and make sure at least 1 person is scheduled to meet that day "just to hangout". 

3. For spirituality: Read a random verse out of the Bible once a day and reflect on it. Attend church when I can and meditate when I can.

The stretches are honestly the hardest because I keep forgetting to stop and do them. :(

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