Monday, April 22, 2013

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I made my own Meme based on a conversation between my cat and dog yesterday (shown above) 

The painting of buildings was definitely conceived of by guys. You take a long tube and squeeze it and white cream comes out and you spread it on cracksin the wall. It's called 'caulking'.

Some days it's important to go to service and here God's word and connect with the community. Other days it's important to be of service to God and to help support your community.

Never thought I'd say this, but why can't Hannibal eat the red-headed reporter chick? She's annoying.

“Socializing is as exhausting as giving blood. People assume we loners are misanthropes, just sitting thinking, ‘Oh, people are such a bunch of a**holes,’ but it’s really not like that. We just have a smaller tolerance for what it takes to be with others. It means having to perform. I get so tired of communicating.”  — Anneli Rufus

Soda: For when you're hungry but you're too lazy to eat.
Misunderstood blessings that are resented become curses. @paulocoelho "Every blessing, when ignored, becomes a curse."
Hannibal's plan for getting away with eating people: Make people he knows unknowingly eat people he cooks. Then they can't judge him for eating people. Genius!
The wind is my mortal enemy. Well technically it can't "die" so I guess it's my immortal enemy. But it does "die down"... but technically it still lives on.
Little kid outside singing, "America, America God shed His grace on thee..."

Whenever I see a crappy pixelated photo someone posts I immediately think, "Oh, they've got a crappy camera on their phone like I do."

Who names a city "West"? Especially when it's in the center of the state...

Twitter and Facebook should have a button that translates posts from other people into whatever language you set it to. Just a thought...

Thoughts on the "Lone Ranger" movie: 1. It's Disney??? 2. It looks like "Pirates of the Caribbean 4". So... not so good.

Technology has reached its peak: Apps now have their own Twitter pages.

Love is a concept, but if that's all it is to you then it may as well be nothing.

My throat's soar/hoarse and I could take something for it... but that would be admitting defeat. It'll get better on its own...

Why whisper having a "private" conversation in a foreign language. That's why you're not speaking English -no one knows what you're saying.

My inner-dog comes out unexpectedly every once in a while. Like earlier this morning when... Squirrel!!!

The internet's like a suction cup for crazy people.

There is no "right of way" when the other driver is crazy. No, you go first..

Why can't new stories titled "Missing Person Found" have a happy ending like they lead you to believe...

Thought "Bates Motel" show would take place in it's intended era: the 1940s. Then a car pulled up with some teen girls texting... dismayed.

Richard Simmons is trending on Twitter and I assumed the worst... Good news! He's still alive. He's the last Golden Girl -after Betty.

Wow. The wind tonight was so powerful it's set off 6 car alarms. Worst alarm clock ever...

"Today the moon narrowly missed hitting a man's eye like a big pizza pie; scientists conclude that's 'amore'." ~MST3K

Last night was the first time I've ever heard a guy and girl crying. And Arguing. Cryguing. In the street. At 3am...Worst alarm clock ever.

So there's a "new" Myspace and you can sign-in through Facebook...

It's the end of the week! The only thing that can ruin the day is a song by Rebecca Black...

Those you really love in life are the ones whose funeral you'll miss because you can't make it through it without them.

Headline: "What Justin Bieber did to his new monkey really upset the Humane Society." We need a better news system.

"Justified Homicide" as explained by my friend Andrea: "If you snore every night and keep your wife awake it's only a matter of time..."

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