Sunday, November 25, 2012


Last Thursday I had some time to kill and some boredom to slay so I went into the "movie department" of to find something to watch. I somehow ended up sifting through documentaries and decided to watch 2.

The first documentary was  from 2009 and was called Cropsey. I thought it was about ghosts and haunted houses. What it ended up being about was a man suspected of kidnapping and killing several children in the 1980s on Staten Island.

They found out that the man suspected had a mother who was in an insane asylum and when he grew up he worked at a Mentally Challenged Facility for children which was later condemned for their abusive and neglectful treatment of kids. A film was made exposing the horrendous conditions displayed at the facility and showed many children curled in a fetal position on the floor naked. It was disturbing and upsetting to watch.

When the building was shut down many of the former workers moved back in underground and created camps in the woods where the facility was built. One of these men was seen with the children on the day they were kidnapped. 4 of the children were mentally challenged. 3 were girls under the age of 15. One girl's body was found buried not far from where the man had camped.

The documentary goes into the town's attempt to find the other children, prove the man had killed the others, and explain or try to understand why he did it. The best explanation that was given was the one a man who had housed the killer says the killer himself gave to him when asked. He said that he saw the kids and since they were mentally ill assumed that like the kids in the facility had been, nobody wanted them. They were a burden on their families and should be exterminated.

Many of the children in the facility had been abandoned by their families and "given up on" and dumped by society in a lot of ways. It was a dumping ground for imperfect, unwanted children and the killer felt he was doing was continuing to keep these kids swept under the rug where no one had to bother with them.

The next documentary I saw was a 2010 film called Mayan Prophecies And Crop Circles - An Extraordinary Connection. This film examined crop circles and how many of the symbols shown matched symbols used by the Mayans to represent various things and denote certain astrological events that were predicted to occur. One crop circle forecast an eclipse which did then happen on the date indicated.

These signs seemed to be more of a response to humanity and warnings of upcoming events. It also explained the Mayan calendar and washed away rumors and stereotyped theories of what it was said to predict.

Basically the Mayan calendar suggests that the Sun is entering a new phase as a star. This phase will bring greater eat -hence the global warming. This heat will then cause our environment to grow harsher and the physical conditions on our planet will worsen. At the same time the magnetic poles on the earth will switch which is going to throw everything out of whack for a couple years. The planets are also aligning which is frightening to anyone who has ever seen any sort of movie in which that kind of event occurs.

But rather than saying it's the end of the world, the calendar suggests that it is in fact the end of an era and the beginning of a new one. They said that every era up until this one has been one cycle of hell after another. We are now enter a phase of "heaven" that will be cycled numerous times. This will be a time of greater spirituality and closer connection to "heavenly beings" and God.

If we look back on Cropsey and the events that occurred less than 40 years ago to today we can already see the shift in altruism in humanity. Facilities like that would never be allowed to exist now. Technology has brought with it Transparency. Transparency allows for the greatest level of accountability we have ever known. You can't hide anything these days. All truth comes to light. No wrong goes unseen -at least not for long.

Accountability is what makes people strive to act good. Fear of being condemned and outcast and rejected by society propels people to do well in society's eyes. Thanks to cameras, videos, the internet, newspapers... you can't keep bad actions hidden. We are therefore moving towards a more open, honest, and transparent future in which bad is punished and good is rewarded. Everyone seeks the reward of leading a more virtuous life.

I was kind of disappointed to find out the world wasn't ending. It's still going round. Oh well. At least people getting more spiritual will at least make the future more tolerable. As for the aliens -I think the documentary proved well enough what they want. I'm frightened and yet cool with the whole alien thing now. Not entirely thrilled at the possibility of communicating with them if that ever occurs though.

I saw a bumper sticker the other day that said, "Evil sins". At first I interpreted it to mean evil (malicious) sins (wrong doings). Then I thought about it and changed perspectives to evil (a bad person) sins (does wrong). Bad people do bad things. Sins aren't evil -they're mistakes people make that lead them off track and have the potential to lead to evil. But when someone is evil or does evil to the extent that it becomes inherent to their nature they sin without trying. Wrong doers do wrong. I don't know -it was just kind of interesting that the way we interpret things can be related and yet shift the meaning of what we see.

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