Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving Week

I have so many things to write about I don't know where to begin.

First off let me say I was officially baptized today. It was great!!!

Thanksgiving week:

Monday and Tuesday help Jos with her event, eat amazing crepes at a cake bakery for lunch, visit Andrea at work because she's left holding up the fort while everyone's on vacation.

Wednesday go to Toastmasters and have a fun informal meeting trying to remember movie quotes then go visit Andrea at work and begin a graphic design Winter Poster Contest Entry for a musician from San Diego. I must win!

Thursday go to dad's house and watch Taken and another movie until it's time to chow down on turkey.

Friday drive up to visit mom and spend most of the day hanging out with my friend Chelsie as she tries to sell $5 tickets to raise money for the Children's Crisis Center. Also then help her mom get a fake fireplace from Kmart and put it together -a story in and of itself.

Saturday wait for my sister to show up, go out to breakfast with Dean, come home and find out my sister texted mom and told her she wouldn't be coming to visit for Thanksgiving, and spend the last couple hours watching a creepy movie called What Lies Beneath. Then drive home and crash (fall asleep).

Sunday morning wake up really sleepy, go over to dads, bring change of clothes for baptism, wait until 10:30am and decide to leave without Emily because she's a flake and probably slept through her alarm clock as usual. Talk in the car with my step-mom and my dad about how kind of sad it is that Emily is sleeping through her own baptism and now she'll have to do it alone if she decides she still wants to do it at all. My step-mom said it best, "When it matters to her, she'll see it through. If not, she won't".

Go to the back entry of the church and go through the run through of the baptism process. Feel really happy and elated to be there. Decide not to wear glasses during baptism so they don't fall off in the water. Step-mom goes first and then I go. I speak, say "Yes", and get dunked (not all the way because I'm too tall and the water's too shallow) mostly. Feel refreshed and renewed like I just got cleansed by a shower. Get dressed and then find out Kari's sister and her is there, Kari's friend is there, and our friends Leslie and Greg are there. Even my dad showed up. I wasn't expecting anyone to care, but family came to celebrate. It was awesome!

I was given 2 cross necklaces -one from Kari's friend and one from Kari -neither of which I was expecting, both of which I love.  

Go to lunch with the family gang and have a really good veggie burger with avocado and some curly fries. Talk with everyone including Kari's sister who I don't get to see very often.

Go to dad's and decide to head to my apartment to get my cell phone I left and write a few blogs before returning to go out to dinner tonight to celebrate Kari's upcoming 50th birthday. Busy day.

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