Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I want to invent a magazine or create a magazine called “Meek Magazine”. It will be the Post Secrets of magazines. Instead of glorifying people who are already successful it will focus on people who are struggling but still find a space to let love and peace reign. It will include effective tips for making it spiritually in this world from ordinary people struggling with great challenges in day to day life.

Hang on I need to check and make sure this magazine doesn’t already exist…

Ok… so there’s a “Spirituality and Health” Magazine which has a bunch of happy people on its various covers…

There’s also a very Buddhist-looking “Spiritual Awakening” Magazine…

And then there’s  couple magazines that look wayyyy too space cadet crazy to be taken seriously.

There is also no “Hardship Magazine” featuring the struggling unknowns of this world.

Alrighty then J Looks like everything is free and clear for take off.

My magazine will also feature a look at various religions and the way people interpret and integrate them into their own lives. What do you get out of your beliefs?

I don’t read much in general, but this magazine I might actually pick up and read through.

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