Sunday, November 25, 2012

2AM Again

It was Friday morning before I headed to mom's. 2 am. I hear a woman talking very strait-forwardly to a man who sounded like a violently pissed off Eddie Murphy in the street.

He calls her a whore and says she cheated on him so needs to get her sh*t and leave his house now.

He went on and on yelling. There was pounding on the walls. I heard what sounded like screaming or crying. That's when I got up and debated whether or not to call the cops.

It's a tough call to make. You don't want to waste the police's time and call them this late at night unless you're really sure the feud is going to turn violent or get out of hand. I listened closely out the window for some indication that a line had been crossed and outside assistance was needed.

30 minutes of back and forth and yelling and all went silent. Which still didn't bring me any pace because I wasn't sure why things were silent -is she dead or did she leave?

She left.

Don't cheat on guys who are violent/angry/aggressive. Just don't do it.

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